Huawei Will Launch World’s 1st 5G TV; Huawei Smartphones Hit New Record As Sales Surge By 50%

Chinese electronics giant Huawei has stunned the tech world, as they have announced the launch of World’s 1st 5G television.

This comes at a time when 5G network still looks like a distant dream, especially in countries like India.

Meanwhile, another report says that Huawei’s smartphone sales have set a new record of growth, even as global smartphone sales are dipping.

What exactly is their secret?

Huawei Will Launch World’s 1st 5G TV

Nikkei Asian Review has received information that Huawei will launch world’s 1st 5G television. This will have an ultra-high resolution of 8K, and will support full 5G connectivity.

If this is indeed true, then this 5K TV will be Huawei’s first foray into consumer electronics.

As per Nikkei Asian Review, this unique 5G TV won’t require an optical fiber or a traditional cable connection to work, but it will act as a router hub for other electronic gadgets in the home. This means, that via some futuristic technology, this 5G TV will transmit and broadcast 5G connection.

The other major aspect of this TV is the resolution of 8K, which is the most advanced optical technology in the world having 16-times more resolution than any other TV. Samsung’s 8K TVs (without 5G) sells for $4999.

More details are awaited.

Huawei Smartphone Sales Surge by 50%

As per latest IDC numbers coming in, Huawei has managed to do the impossible: At a time when global smartphone sales are down, and almost hitting the rock bottom, Huawei’s smartphone sales are increasing at an insane pace.

For Q1 of 2019, Huawei reported 50% more smartphone sales, compared to the last quarter, and this, has shocked everyone.

During Q1 of 2019, Huawei sold total of 59.1 million units of smartphones, all over the world, which means they captured 19% market share. This is 50.3% more sales, compared to last quarter.

This way, they also beat Apple to become 2nd largest smartphone brand in the world.

Samsung remains #1 company, with 71.9 million sales of smartphones in the same period, which is a drop of 8.1%. Samsung captured 23% market share.

Apple has now slipped ot #3 position, as they were able to sell only 36 million smartphones, which is a drop of 32%, compared to the same quarter last year.

Huawei steep rise to the #2 position by increasing their total sales by 50% throws open the smartphone battle globally. How will Apple react now?

You can find the report right here.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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