OnePlus 7 Leaked Specs Are Disappointing, One Plus 7 Pro Price Revealed

The official OnePlus 7 teaser is out now and yes, the company has confirmed it’s going to be a new series including more than one smartphone. So, OnePlus 7 Pro exists, and the company will be unveiling the handsets on May 14.

OnePlus 7 series details has been leaked again online.

The OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro India launch event will take place in Bengaluru on the same day as the global launch. The latest leaks have revealed some key details including the OnePlus 7 specs and OnePlus 7 Pro pricing.

OnePlus 7 Leaked Details Are Disappointing

The company’s new strategy to enter the premium flagship market has ended up with a series instead of a single smartphone. The company till now launched a single smartphone every May or June followed by a T model every October or November since OnePlus 3.

But this year the company has decided to launch two smartphones at the same time, one a regular variant and other one a pro model.

The existence of a regular and pro model is going to create an aversion, where OnePlus 7 Pro will only get the best of specs.

OnePlus has been launching a single smartphone at a time till now. This helped them to do the best for a single smartphone. But this time, due to the pro model, the regular OnePlus 7 will not be getting the best of features available in the market.

Even the revealed specs hint at a disappointing list of features.

The company is known to bring the best of possible features at an affordable pricing. From top-end hardware to cameras to software to every feature, OnePlus have never compromised on anything that would make OnePlus something less than a premium flagship.

But with the Pro model this time, the best will go to OnePlus 7 Pro and the rest will stay with the regular OnePlus 7.

And naturally, the OnePlus 7 Pro is going to be costly being a premium smartphone. The leaked prices of OP7 Pro from the European listings hint at a pricing more than 50,000 INR (converted).

OnePlus 7 Pro Will Get The Best, OnePlus 7 May Disappoint Many

While OnePlus 7 Pro will come with a series of best and first-time features, the regular OnePlus 7 is going to be a minimal upgrade over the current OnePlus 6T. The recent leaks hint at a smartphone with a few minor upgrades in terms of performance, design and cameras.

OnePlus 7 is going to target the mass and the OnePlus 7 Pro will cater to a niche market.

The regular OnePlus 7 may cost the same as OnePlus 6T in India, but there won’t be much of anything new to offer.

Even some leaks suggest that OnePlus 7 will have the same display with the water drop notch as OnePlus 6T, and the Pro model will come with the much-hyped pop-up selfie camera.

OnePlus 7 will have the same OnePlus 6T water drop shaped notch, dual camera system, optical in-display fingerprint sensor and same body design.

The hardware will see an upgrade with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chip with support for the latest Android Q priority access.

The rest is expected to remain same, with nothing much to look out for in OnePlus 7. On the other hand, OnePlus 7 Pro is going to be a phenomenal upgrade over the current OnePlus flagship with the best of features and a brand new design technology.

OnePlus 7 Pro Final Pricing Leaked: Here’s How Much OnePlus 7 Pro Will Cost In India

OnePlus 7 Pro will be available in three different storage options: 6GB RAM with 128GB storage, 8GB RAM with 256GB storage and 12GB RAM with 256GB storage. The recent leak reveals the OnePlus 7 Pro 8GB RAM model price. It will cost $749 (52,450 INR), while the top-end 12GB model will cost $819 (57,350 INR).

The 6GB RAM OP7 Pro base model pricing is still unknown.

These are the prices for the European market, so the final pricing will differ in different markets including India.

An user on Chinese microblogging site Weibo aksed OnePlus CEO Pete Lau whether OnePlus 7 Pro pricing may start at 5,000 Yuan or not. To which, the OnePlus CEO replied to that it would be just enough.

So, if we convert it to INR, the pricing may start somewhere around 52,000 rupees.

In India, the pricing will get a bit cheaper. So, OnePlus 7 Pro India price should start somewhere around Rs 50,000 for the base model. The smartphone will be launched in three storage options and will be available exclusively via Amazon India.

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