BSNL Refuses To Accept Defeat: Plans 4G, Debt Reduction, VRS To Make A Comeback

Will BSNL make a comeback?
Will BSNL make a comeback?

State-run telecom operator BSNL has emphatically declared that they will not accept defeat, in these distress times.

A slew of measures have been announced, to tackle the current issues, and to ensure that the organization makes a grand comeback.

BSNL: We Will Not Accept Defeat

After reports emerged that BSNL will fire 31% of their workforce to cut costs, BSNL officials came out, and clarified the things.

As per latest reports coming in, no employee will be fired, and the retirememt age won’t be reduced. But rather, a lucrative VRS or Voluntary Retirement Scheme would be offered, to reduce some load from the workforce, and to save money.

This is only a part of the overall strategy to cut costs, and not the only way.

PMO has intervened in this matter, and things are being worked out.

An unnamed official said, “The government in close coordination with the BSNL Board is actively engaged in working out the voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) with attractive benefits,”

BSNL Chairman: No Employee Will Be Fired, No Change In Retirement Age

After news came in that BSNL will resort to termination of employees and will reduce retirement age to 58 years, there was a panic all around. BSNL has 1.7 lakh employees, and the average age of an employee is 50-55 years.

Refuting these reports, BSNL Chairman Anupam Shrivastava has declared that no employee will be fired, and there will be no change in the retirement age.

But rather, BSNL will focus on 4G services to delight their customers, and to bring in new users.

In this tweet, he confirmed that VRS scheme will be offered, but no employee will be fired.

More than Rs 6000 crore would be spent by BSNL for implementing the VRS scheme, whereas Rs 2000 crore would be spent for MTNL employees’ VRS.

BSNL’s Big Hope: 4G Spectrum

High level meetings between PMO, Niti Ayog and DoT are being held right now, discussing ways to revive BSNL. Besides VRS and debt reduction strategies, 4G is one of the key areas for consideration.

Total of Rs 14,000 crore would be spent for 4G spectrum allocation, and BSNL is proposing a fresh infusion of Rs 7000 crore for the same.

At Rs 14,000 crore, BSNL has the lowest debt among all telecom operators.

Merger of BSNL with MTNL has also been proposed.

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