Google’s New Gaming Platform Stadia Challenges Xbox & PlayStation: All You Need To Know!

Google's entry into gaming can stir up things.

Google launches Stadia, their gaming platform
Google launches Stadia, their gaming platform

In a bid to take on traditional gaming, Google has announced it’s very own gaming service called Stadia. Unveiled at the GDC 2019, the Google gaming service aims to take on the likes of Xbox and PlayStation.

The new service will utilise Google’s cloud technology and its network of data centers.

Interestingly, Google Stadia will enable users to play games through a web browser or YouTube. So, one will not have to download the whole game on a device.

It’s Google’s first take in the mainstream gaming industry, and Stadia may bring in a change with the current playing format.

Google Gaming Service: How’s Google Stadia Different?

It’s basically a cloud-based gaming service developed by Google. Just like other traditional gaming platforms Xbox or PlayStation, the new Google Stadia will come with it’s own set of games and series. Unlike other services, here you don’t have to download the whole game into a device to play.

Or buy some additional game to externally download it.

Google Stadia uses company’s cloud technology and its network of data centers. This will allow users to play games directly via web browsers and YouTube.

No downloads, no installations.

Not only computers or consoles, Google Stadia will be available irrespective of any platform, be it a PSP, a smartphone, a personal computer or a gaming console.

Google Stadia: No Downloads, No Updates, No Install, Just Nothing!

The primary hassle with a game is to download and issues with space. With Stadia, you don’t have to worry either about space or downloads. This will make the entire gaming experience easy and hassle-free.

It’s just like steaming through Netflix. Choose a game, play, and if you don’t like, leave.

On Google Stadia, users will just have to search and go to page, that’s it. The company has everything on it’s server for you. Be it PUBG or Assassin Creed or FIFA, they got you covered. All you need is a steady internet connection.

Google cleared it, on Stadia no one needs to download anything or update no installations or anything. Just click and play.

Where Can I Play Google Stadia?

The company’s newly announced Google gaming service is a video game platform. Anyone can have an instant access to their favorite games on the go. There’s no limitation to what you are using now.

Google Stadia supports any type of screen: TV, laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

The company aims to offer games available in resolutions up to 4K and 60 frames per second with HDR and surround sound.

So, you will can experience everything you did on any traditional gaming platform, with the added advantage of easy access and no space for hassles or downloads.

Does Google Stadia Has Its Own Console?

At the Google gaming service, the company also unveiled a gaming console called Stadia Controller. This will enable Google Stadia users to experience the best of the company’s cloud-based gaming service.

The Stadia controller has been designed specifically to enhance a gamer’s overall experience.

It comes with a dedicated button for instant capture, for saving, sharing gameplay and a Google Assistant button as well. The controller has a built-in microphone which enables the Google Assistant to work directly via voice commands.

Google Stadia India Launch: When Will Google Stadia Come To India?

The company is yet to announce the pricing or availability. As of now, Google Sadia will be available in some select countries. This includes the US, Canada and UK. Google Stadia will hit the rest of Europe later this year.

The pricing is expected to be a monthly rental plan like Netflix. It may also come bundled with YouTube Premium.

Coming to the Google Stadia India launch, there’s no word on it. But given the European timeline, the Google gaming service is expected to arrive in India by the end of the year.

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