Apple vs Netflix Battle To Begin On March 25: Apple Says It’s Show Time!

Apple is all set to unveil it's much awaited video streaming service on March 25!

After the rumours of Apple buying Netflix, it’s finally now time for Apple to launch its own video streaming service. Apple will go against the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu with it’s own streaming service.

Apple has some big announcements to make on March 25, including it’s upcoming video streaming service.

Apple video streaming service against Netflix
Apple vs Netflix: The Big Video Streaming Battle

The company has been trying for long to shift from product to a service-focused business, and the upcoming video streaming service will play a vital role in the coming days.

While the video streaming market is already quite competitive, Apple will have to fight it’s way out.


Apple Video Streaming Service: What’s In The Box?

Apple is keeping no stone unturned. The Cupertino-based company has done its homework properly, and already has inked several high-profile content deals. So, during launch, a variety of content is expected to be available with Apple video streaming service.

Video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or HBO has a ton content available already.

The Apple service have to put up a good fight in terms of content, categories, variety and availability. There are more than two dozen original TV shows and movies expected to be available via Apple streaming service along with access to subscription content from other cable providers.

The company has signed in celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, and Jennifer Garner, who star in Apple’s original television shows.

Apple’s Content Distribution: 4K Content On Mac?

The debut with its new streaming will see an availability of content on iOS and Apple TV, while Mac is less certain. It will be interesting how Apple handles 4K video now. The distribution of content on Mac is something Apple need to work smartly.

Apple TV and iOS will be integrated into a single standalone TV app. Both iOS and tvOS run on the same code, so it won’t be an issue.

While on the Mac, there’s no TV app. So the availability of Apple’s streaming service on it’s desktop platform may take some time. Also, the video programming on Mac is handled through Apple Music.

The 4K content distribution will be limited, and at the same time you can’t download it or even play it back on the Mac.

New Apple News Service Also Expected At The March 25 Event

The company will also unveil a revamped Apple News product including bundles subscriptions from major news outlets in a single monthly plan. The upcoming Apple News service will be based on Texture, which Apple bought back in 2018.

Reportedly, major publishers are may not be a part of it due to Apple’s revenue sharing terms.

As most of the publishers may not be a part of it because of the 50 percent share, the Apple News subscriptions is going to be more about paywalled news and magazines.

The Apple Advantage: Apple vs Netflix

In order to take a lead, Apple may choose to launch a bundled service in a single monthly subscription offering all kind of Apple services. This bundle will include access to Apple Music, Video and other services including the Apple Video Streaming service.

This will help Apple with an added advantage over its rivals.

The video streaming service from Apple with music access and news at a good price could be a tough fit for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.  

Apple vs Netflix: Can Apple Video Streaming Service Beat Netflix?

Netflix is way ahead of Apple video streaming service in terms of content and variety. While Apple may bundle it’s services to sell it to users directly, it will need time to catch up with Netflix. Currently Apple only has a dozen of shows and movies in hand.

On the other hand, Netflix has nothing to offer other than content, whereas Apple can offer an array of services together.

Netflix is a few years ahead with its shows, movies and content. Already it boasts a huge library of movies and TV shows to keep users busy.

Though, Apple can beat Netflix with it’s video streaming product offering more content from others bundling it with original TV shows, Apple Music, and magazines. This will help the new Apple service with plenty of content under an attractive single subscription.

If Apple chooses to launch a standalone Apple streaming service with a handful of shows, it can’t do any damage to Netflix, as of now.

But, if Apple plans to bundle up all its services, this may be a threat to both Netflix and even Amazon Prime, which also offers bundled access to video, music and exclusive offers on Amazon like special offers for Prime members, fast, free shipping and more.

For more, we need to wait till March 25, the big Apple event day!

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