1,00,000 BSNL Employees On 3-Day Strike; BSNL Will Not Shut Down, Revival Action Plan Soon

Govt. has urged BSNL employees, not to strike.

1 lakh BSNL employees on strike
1 lakh BSNL employees on strike

BSNL’s 100,000+ employees have declared a massive strike today, which will go on for 3 days. Govt. has requested the striking employees to resume work, as their demands are being met, gradually.

Will BSNL services be impacted?

Meanwhile, refuting reports that BSNL may close down, Govt. owned telecom provider said that revival action plan is being made, and things will change for good.

What is the action plan here?

100,000 BSNL Employees On Strike: Here Are The Reasons Why

The All India Unions and Associations of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (AUAB), which represents more than 100,000 BSNL employees pan-India, have declared a massive strike starting Monday.

This will end on Wednesday.

The strike has been called for these reasons:

  • The employees are demanding benefits under Pay Revision Committee (PRC)
  • This includes 15% increase in salary for executives, and for non-executives, the increment should be as per eighth wage negotiations, effective January 1st, 2017.
  • Revision of pension for BSNL retirees
  • Delinking pension with pay revision
  • Allocation of the critical 4G spectrum to BSNL, which will help the loss-making entity to revive, and survive.

Govt. To BSNL Employees: Please Call Off Strike

This massive strike by 100,000+ BSNL employees have been announced at a critical time, when the very existence of BSNL is in question.

35,000 employees from BSNL will be terminated and given VRS, even as Govt. is losing patience with the loss-making state carrrier.

Under these circumstances, the strike called by BSNL employees is indeed off-the-track.

Govt. said that they hope “BSNL employees and officers will not jeopardize the interests of their organization by going on strike at a time when it is in their own interest to protect their customer-base and revenue by providing uninterrupted, high-quality services”

Govt. has promised that all of these demands will be met, and the process has been rolled out.

Govt. of India: BSNL Will Not Shut Down

Mainstream media had widely reported last week, that Govt. wants final solution to treat BSNL: Either revive it, or close it down.

Now, after a week, Govt has refuted these reports, and have declared that BSNL will not shut down.

In a statement, BSNL stated: “At present there is no proposal under consideration with the Government for closure of BSNL.”

As per information shared by BSNL, revival would be the top priority for BSNL, and they will do everything possible to make BSNL proftable again.

Recommendations by Digital Communications Commission (DCC) are being studied, and a new action plan will be soon shared by BSNL, which will pave the part for its revival.

Last year, BSNL reported loss of Rs 31,287 crore.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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