RBI Issues Fraud Alert: This App Can Wipeout Your Bank Account Using UPI, Net Banking

RBI had issued a warning against ATM frauds last week

SBI issues fraud alert
SBI issues fraud alert

Reserve Bank of India or RBI, which is India’s Central Banking Institution, has spotted a new app, which is wreaking havoc across India.

An urgent alert has been issued by RBI’s cybersecurity and IT examination cell, for all banks, and every India.

Which app is this? How can you protect yourself?

Keep reading to find out more!

Reserve Bank Of India Fraud Alert: AnyDesk App

RBI’s alert mentions a new app called ‘AnyDesk’.

This app works like a Remove access service and steals all information from the users’ mobile. But most importantly, this app can read your OTPs, which means, that it can wipe away any person’s bank accounts in seconds.

As per the advisory issued by the apex bank, UPI users should pay special heed to the alert. But other forms of digital payments are also vulnerable.

Recently, Rs 6.8 lakhs are robbed via UPI from a person, who didn’t even own a smartphone.

How Does This App Work?

The modus operandi is simple: By any means, the hacker/fraudster will ask you to down the app called AnyDesk on your smartphone.

Once downloaded, the hackers will access your mobile phone using a 9-digit code generated by the app.

Once this is done, then your smartphone’s data and SMS facility are taken over by the hacker, using the app.

RBI said, “Once a fraudster inserts this app code on his device, he will ask the victim to grant certain permissions, which are similar to what is required while using other apps,”

Hence, whenever an OTP is sent to the user, the hackers will interrupt it, and steal it. And once OTP is compromised, then your bank account can be emptied in no time.

Hackers can use UPI platform, or any mobile wallet to siphon-off the funds.

As per some insiders, this app fraud can trigger frauds of hundreds of crores of rupees in India, hence the stern advisory for all.

How To Avoid This Fraud?

The only way to stop this fraud from taking place is don’t download AnyDesk app. INcase the app is downloaded, then immediately uninstall it, and perform a thorough security check of your mobile phone.

The advisory by RBI mentions the fact that besides UPI, other forms of digital transactions can be also used for this fraud.

Last week, SBI had issued official guidelines on how to avoid and present ATM Card scam.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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