TikTok Will Be Banned In Tamil Nadu; ‘Indian Culture’ Is Being Destroyed By This App

TikTok Causes Cultural Degenaration: TN Minister

TikTok ban in Tamil Nadu
TikTok ban in Tamil Nadu

Looks like TikTok, the app which has been gaining popularity among young and old alike, has ended its reign in Tamil Nadu. The app, which was the ‘most entertaining app of 2018’ is apparently ‘damaging’ to Indian culture, hence the ban.  

TikTok is a fun video app, where users make and share short videos, also has competitors, like Musical.ly and Lasso by Facebook. Then why is TikTok the only one being banned? Read on to know more!

No more TikTok in Tamil Nadu?

In the Assembly on Tuesday, Tamil Nadu Information Technology Minister M Manikandan declared that the state government will ask for the Centre’s help to employ a ban on this mobile app, TikTok.

This decision was in response to a request by Thameemun Ansari of Manithaneya Jananayaga Katchi (MJK), who claimed that the youth of India is addicted to this app and it is causing cultural degradation. Ansari claimed that the app encouraged sexual harassment, is insulting to women and girls especially as it allows morphing faces of innocent people and making fun of them.

The minister said, “Various sections are demanding a ban on this mobile application. We will soon seek a ban on TikTok, just like the Blue Whale game was banned by the centre.”

It seems that the people of Tamil Nadu will soon bid goodbye to this app.

TikTok’s History of Damage

The police in Chennai have recently stopped a flesh trade racket which used morphed pictures of women downloaded from the TikTok app to lure customers.

Last week, a few students of the Salem Government Arts College have been suspended owing to TikTok. They uploaded a video that morphed their Tamil lecturer to act on the lines of the famous Tamil film comedian Vadivelu.

Last month, some youngsters were arrested by the police for making and sharing a video that made fun of the policemen, and that too at the police station itself! This incident took place in Sivakasi.

Here’s the most tragic of it all – a young guy who tried to act as if he was committing suicide for a TikTok video, slit his own throat, which ultimately resulted in his unfortunate death.

Congress’ opposition to the decision

The opposite party, Congress has condemned this decision, saying that TikTok is an app for personal use.

As per reports, Congress spokesperson, Khushbu said, “If you have a problem with that, don’t watch it. If you ban everything on the basis of whether or not it matches with your values, nothing will be left out… If this app deserves some regulations, we can frame rules and do that instead of banning it.”

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