8 Year Old Kid Playing Mobile Game Loses 4 Fingers As The Phone Explodes; Who Is The Culprit Here?

Who exactly is responsible here? The brand, the Govt. or the parent?

8 year old kid loses fingers due to mobile phone explosion
8 year old kid loses fingers due to mobile phone explosion (Representational Image)

In a tragic incident, an 8-year-old boy from Maharashtra lost his 4 fingers of left hand, due to a mobile phone explosion.

Which brand was the phone? What was the kid doing?

Keep reading to find out more.

I Kall Brand Mobile Explodes

A farmer named Shripat Jadhav from Jirga village of Mukhed taluka at Nanded district had bought three I Kall branded feature phones. This purchase was made via TV-based shopping channel.

Rs 1500 was paid for three units of I KAll K72 feature phone, and he had also received a free watch with the purchase.

For the past one and a half months, Shripat has been using one of these phones.

This Sunday (February 10th), Shripat’s 8-year kid was playing a game on this phone, when it suddenly exploded.

Such was the impact that the kid lost 4 fingers due to this explosion.

He has been shifted to a private hospital in Udgir now, and treatment is on.

I Kall Branded Phones: An Overview

I Kall is a brand of mobile phones, whose office is located in Noida.

As per their About Us page, they were the first brand to introduce features such as 90 days battery backup, phones supporting 3 to 4 SIMs, quad-core budget tablets and more.

The company claims to sell 60 lakh mobility devices, per year, across India.

Based on our observation, it seems that I KALL imports cheap Chinese phones, and then white-labels them as their own brand, and sells in India.

Their distribution channels seems stronger, as they have collaborated with platforms like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, HomeShop18, ShopClues and more.

This particular feature phone: I Kall K72 which exploded and took away 4 fingers of a little boy is right now available on Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon and other platforms.

The price listed is around Rs 350 to Rs 399. On popular TV-based shopping channels such as HomeShop18, there must have been an offer of Rs 1500 for three units of this phone, along with free watch, which Shripat Jadhav agreed to.

Who Is The Culprit For This Tragedy?

More than 200 smartphones brands exist in India right now, and almost same feature phone brands.

Low qualty Chinese phones whose QA testing, Safety Tests etc have not been done, are blatantly sold in India, without any checks and regulations. And India is such a price-sensitive market that anything and everything with a ‘discount’ can be sold easily.

And selling a Rs 500 worth feature phone, ‘As Seen On TV’ is no big deal.

There can be numerous factors here: faulty battery, faulty charger, duplicate charger, or any other technical issue.

Will I Kall take responsibility here? Or the Govt. should intervene? Who exactly is responsible for this tragedy?

Do let us know by commenting right here.


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