Deadline For New Cable TV Rules Extended To March 31st; But DTH/Cable Firms Can Enforce ‘Best Fit Plan’

Best Fit Plan clause induces some confusion. We have tried to decode it for you.

New Cable TV Rules deadline extended to March 31st
New Cable TV Rules deadline extended to March 31st

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has decided to give a major relief to all cable TV users in India, who still haven’t selected new Cable TV plans, under the new Cable TV regulations.

But, there is a catch here.

TRAI: Deadline Extended To March 31st, 2019

In a press release shared on their website, TRAI has informed all Cable TV consumers that the deadline has been extended to March 31st.

This means that customers now have time till March 31st to choose the new plan, under à la carte system.

Initially, the deadline to implement the new Cable TV regulations was December 28th, 2018, which was extended to January 31, 2019.

Out of 17 crore TV connections, around 9 crore have migrated to the new cable TV plans. Out of them, the majority of these customers are Cable TV users, as only 35% of DTH users have chosen the new plans.

But.. Confusion Continues

Now, in case TRAI had just announced an extension of deadline to March 31st, then there would have been no confusion.

But here, TRAI has induced a new element of ‘Best Fit Plan’, and the option to roll back before March 31st to the old plan, which brings in some confusion.

As per the press release, TRAI has stated that those customers who have not selected a new Cable/DTH plan based on new Cable TV regulations, will be automatically shifted to a Best Fit Plan, as devised by the respective DTH/Cable operator.

TRAI said: “In view of the larger public interest, the Authority directs all DPOs that those subscribers who do not exercise their options shall be migrated to a ‘Best Fit Plan’,”

However, now, as the deadline has been extended to March 31st, the consumer has an option to reject the Best Fit Plan, and choose their own channels, and bouquets.

TRAI said: “Subscribers will be free to change their ‘Best Fit Plan’ at any date and time on or before 31st March 2019 and DPOs shall convert their ‘Best Fit Plan’ into the desired pack (channel/Bouquet) within 72 hours from the time choice exercised by the Subscriber,”

The Best Fit Plan and Rollback Confusion

Besides the Rollback confusion, there is Best Fit Plan confusion as well.

On one hand, the DPOs (DTH firms/Cable TV operators) are free to forcefully migrate users into the Best Fit Plan, and on the other hand, only those customers who have been migrated to Best Fit Plans can choose new plans, before March 31st.

Those customers who haven’t yet chosen new packs, and haven’t been converted into Best Fit Plans can continue with their existing cable packs.

In short, Cable TV users in India now time till March 31st to make the migration into the new Cable TV regime.

And if consumers are not doing it, then DTH and Cable operator have the right to do it for you.

This is a developing story, and we will keep you updated as more details come in.

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