Aadhaar-Driving License Linking Will Be Mandatory: 3 Reasons Why This Is Good For India

Mandatory linking of Driving license with Aadhaar can solve a lot of problems.

Aadhaar-Driving License linking is good?
Aadhaar-Driving License linking is good?

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has indicated that linking of Aadhaar with the driving license would soon become mandatory for all.

This is a proposal, which is part of Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill, and Govt. is doing everything to pass this important bill. This bill has already passed in the Lok Sabha, and Rajya Sabha is expected to pass this, by February end.

Although Supreme Court had ordered that Aadhaar linking with services (Govt. or private) should be optional, the mandatory linking of Aadhaar with driving license can be a good thing, for all.

Here are three reasons why:

Reason #1: Genuine Drivers, Safer Road

One of the biggest reasons of making Aadhaar-Driving license linking is better identification of bad drivers.

Currently, issuing a duplicate driving license is so easy that often drivers caught in accidents and/or drunk driving don’t even bother to collect their driving licenses from police, and instead issue a duplicate license.

This practice will stop, when one driving license is linked with one Aadhaar card.

This will make roads safer and drivers more genuine as all past records can be traced and tracked easily. No more duplicate driving licenses.

Reason #2: One-Stop Hub For All Payments

Once Aadhaar is linked in driving license, then making payments for traffic violations and fines will become easier, and seamless. Often, in case the payment of fees is too much, the license holder simply issues another new driving license, as there is no mode to check it.

Introduction of Aadhaar will stop this practice, and help traffic police to collect payments and fines at one single location. We are expecting that Aadhaar Pay will be linked with driving licenses soon, which will make it easier for digital payments.

Once Aadhaar is linked with driving license, a whole new portal of innovation opens up.

Reason #3: Interconnected Digital World, Less Corruption

Aadhaar-linked driving license will make the digital world of Indian citizens even more robust, and powerful. Imagine a scenario wherein every citizen’s driving license is connected with Aadhaar, which is in turn connected with bank accounts and mobile numbers.

Identifying people, tracking/tracking fugitives and delivery of services will become super easy. Forgot to renew your driving license? Forgot to pay road tax/ green tax or installment for the new car? Troubled with corruption by traffic cops?

This new interconnected digital world will solve all these problems.

Yes, there exists few security aspects as well, UIDAI along with Govt. of India is working on them to resolve it.

This is how you can link your driving license with Aadhaar in 10 steps:

How to link Aadhaar with Driving License
How to link Aadhaar with Driving License


We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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