Driving License To Be Linked With Aadhaar; mAadhaar As ID Proof For Rail Passengers Is Ok

Expansion of Aadhaar continues..

Aadhaar will be now mandatory for driving licence!
Aadhaar will be now mandatory for driving licence!

Two very important developments related with Aadhaar has come up in the last 72 hours, which will further deepen the relationship between Govt. and its citizens, and enable the system to have a robust Aadhaar-based verification system.

While Govt. is planning to link Aadhaar with driving licenses, Indian Railways has given green signal to mAadhaar as a valid ID proof for rail passengers.

Is it good, bad or ugly?

Aadhaar Based Driving License: The New Concept

After invading your income tax filings, PAN Card, phones, bank accounts, subsidies, welfare schemes, railway tickets and more, Govt. is planning to make Aadhaar mandatory for driving licenses.

All new driving licenses can be asked to have Aadhaar as identity proof, and all existing driving license holders can be asked to linked their respective Aadhaar.

At the recently concluded Digital Haryana Summit 2017, Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “We are planning to link driving licence to Aadhaar. I have had a word with (Union minister Nitin) Gadkari Ji regarding this,”

Explaining the need for this, he said that this will be done, “.. so digital identity confirms physical identity with the help of digital technology,”

Nitin Gadkari is the Road Transport and Highways Minister, and incidentally, he is a big advocate of Aadhaar based transportation system.

In fact, in the month of May this year, Gadkari had proposed an amendment in the Motor Vehicle Act, so that Aadhaar becomes mandatory for both registration of vehicles, and for issuing driving license.

At that time, he had said, “We have proposed an amendment in the Motor Vehicle Act where people need to have Aadhaar number to apply for driving licence and need not to visit transport offices to get a learning driving licence as it all will be online,”

So, it seems this Aadhaar based driving license, and registration of vehicles, both will approved very soon.

mAadhaar Ok For Rail Passengers

Meanwhile Indian Railways has decided to allow mAadhaar app for Aadhaar verification rail passengers. Now, it no longer required to carry Aadhaar card for identifying oneself: Just a swipe of mAadhaar app would be enough.

In a statement, the Rail Ministry said, “m- Aadhaar when shown by the passenger on his/her mobile after entering the password should be accepted as a proof of identity for undertaking journey in any reserved class over Indian Railways,”

Note here, that mAadhaar based verification will work, because the Aadhaar can be only digitally downloaded to the phone number which is associated with that Aadhaar. And, a password is required to showcase Aadhaar number.

mAadhaar app was launched in July this year, as an easy, paperless medium to carry one’s Aadhaar everywhere.

We will keep you updated as we receive Aadhaar related news.

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