Airtel Offering Free 60GB Data For 6 Months; Pushing Installs of Airtel TV

This offer can be availed by Airtel postpaid users.


Airtel Free DataRight now, the telecom space in India is totally a consumer’s market. The cut-throat competition has forced operators to slash their tariff in order to remain competitive.

Also, Jio’s disruptive pricing has turned the market on its head. While Jio had the advantage of being the only operator offering VoLTE until recently, Airtel has rolled out its own VoLTE services starting from Mumbai.


Airtel Is Pushing The Advantage

Now that Airtel has managed to negate Jio’s VoLTE advantage, they are looking to push ahead with it’s own competitive tariff plans.

In their latest plan, Airtel is offering 60GB of free data which will be valid for 6 months. But, as we will see, this is not going to be a straight-forward data offer. In a bid to push the number of Airtel TV app’s installations, Airtel is offering the free 60GB data through its Airtel TV app.

Airtel TV Is The Key To Unlock Free Data

The Airtel TV app is the key to unlock all that free data! You will need to download and install the Airtel TV app on your smartphone before you can avail of the offering.

Once the app is downloaded and set up, you will receive the free data benefit within the next 24 hours. Though the data offered is 60GB, it will have a cap of 10GB per month. Yes, you will not be able to use all that data at once. The 60GB will be distributed over 6 months at 10GB per month.

There is a caveat though! You have to be a postpaid user and you should be an existing user of the MyAirtel app. So, even before you download the Airtel TV app, you should download and register yourself in the MyAirtel app.

How To Get The Offer For Yourself?

Follow the steps outlined below in order to avail the offer;

  1. Open the MyAirtel app and you will see a banner proclaiming the free data.
  2. Click on the banner and follow the instructions.
  3. The important thing in the entire process is downloading the Airtel TV app.
  4. Once the Airtel TV app is downloaded and installed, the free data will be credited in your account within the next 24 hours.

Airtel will keep on adding 10GB data every month in your account for the next 6 billing cycles.


This new plan from Airtel is a promotional plan. Hence, it is free for all you Airtel postpaid subscribers out there.

All you do is; be a MyAirtel User and download and install Airtel TV app. Airtel will automatically add the free data to your quota every month for the next 6 months.

This new offer from Airtel is surely tempting. But, is it tempting enough to draw in new users against Jio’s brutal onslaught? That, only time can tell.

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