Aadhaar Card Compulsory For Getting Govt Benefits, Subsidies: No Aadhaar, No Govt Benefit

The government provides many different kinds of subsidiaries to different sects of people in the country.

Aadhaar Card Compulsory For Getting Govt Benefits, Subsidies: No Aadhaar, No Govt Benefit

However, as per a recent circular issued by the government, it will be mandatory for people to have a valid Aadhar card to avail the services of subsidiaries provided by the government.

According to the circular, even though there are over 99% adults in India with an Aadhar card issued, a lot still do not have it.

“Aadhaar has significantly improved the quality of resident/citizen experience in receiving welfare services,” mentioned the circular.

The Govt office Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which issues Aadhar, has mentioned in its Aug 11-issued circular that only those citizens with an Aadhar card or an enrolment slip of the same, in case they do not have an Aadhar card, will be allowed to reap the benefits and subsidiaries provided by the Centre.

The Govt body has sent this circular to all central ministries and state governments in the past week. The main purpose of issuing such a circular is to encourage all the citizens in the country to have an Aadhar card made, which has a lot of benefits and tighten the rules around the ones not having it.

“In the above backdrop and considering the provision to Section 7 of the Act…in case no Aadhaar number has been assigned to an individual, he/she shall make an application for enrolment and till such time Aadhaar number is assigned to such individual, he/she may avail the benefits, subsidies and services through alternate and viable means of identification along with Aadhaar Enrolment Identification (EID) number/slip,” stated the UIDAI circular.

To put some light on it, those individuals who want to avail the benefits/subsidies/services of some state or central government scheme would need an Aadhar card, which if not present, they would need an Aadhaar Enrolment Identification (EID) number/slip for availing such benefits, which will show that they do not have their Aadhar number yet.

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