Zomato Delivery Boy Steals Food, Caught On Camera; This Is What Zomato Will Do Now!

A big question has been raised on Zomato's efficiency regarding food delivery.

Zomato delivery boy stealing food
Zomato delivery boy stealing food

A recent video of a delivery person eating out of each sealed container clearly meant for a customer is making rounds. The middle-aged man wearing a red t-shirt, clearly a Zomato uniform, is seen carefully removing one container after the other, taking a considerable amount of bites from each one and sealing them again before putting it into the delivery bag.

This is nothing less than a breach of trust, a feeling of being cheated must have crept into the minds of everyone who has ever ordered a delivery from an online food delivery app. With a very busy schedule and a surplus of online food delivery platforms, it is perfectly normal to opt food delivery instead of persevering to cook a dish at home itself.

But can we put our trust in these platforms?

Zomato’s Reaction to the video:

As the video became viral, Zomato took to its social media handles to clarify on the matter. They assured the public that appropriate action has been taken against the person who committed the fraud. Apparently, the video, shared on twitter by a user with the handle @Madan_Chikna, was shot in Madurai. After the necessary investigation and verification, the concerned person has been sacked.

Zomato went on to explain that they maintain a zero tolerance policy, and although Zomato has shot to success primarily due to their delivery executives, they will not turn a blind eye towards such incidents.

What steps are being taken to prevent this?

Zomato assured that precautionary steps are being taken so that such mishaps are not repeated. Zomato announced an introduction of tamper proof tapes in the near future and will bring in other measures to ensure the intact condition of food up to the time it reaches the user.

Along with this, Zomato has promised that their entire fleet of delivery executives will be trained, educated to escalate any such issues as well. Zomato has taken quite a diplomatic approach to this issue, taking care not to hurt the feelings of their delivery partners as well. They said, ‘This particular incident, while unfortunate, only makes our commitment to fleet training, scheduling and process even stronger. We stand behind our extensive fleet who do the right thing across many hours of the day.’

Now that Zomato is also looking to deliver food through drones, let’s hope this icky issue will be put to a rest.

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