Airtel, Vodafone Cannot Disconnect SIM If Minimum Recharge Not Done: TRAI

TRAI has scolded Airtel and Vodafone-Idea for creating panic and chaos.

TRAI says Airtel, Vodafone cannot disconnect SIMs
TRAI says Airtel, Vodafone cannot disconnect SIMs

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI has finally stepped in, and scolded Airtel, Vodafone over their plans to terminate mobile numbers based on minimum recharges.

This was much needed, and TRAI has once again demonstrated that the users cannot be taken for a ride.

What exactly has TRAI stated? And what is the fuss all about?

TRAI To Airtel, Vodafone: You Cannot Disconnect Mobile Numbers

TRAI has scolded Airtel and Vodafone over their ambitious plan to increase ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), by forcing users with 28-day recharges.

In their letter to Airtel and Vodafone-Idea, TRAI has stated that untill the user has the talktime which is equivalent to the minimum recharge (Rs 35 as of now, on Airtel, Vodafone), they cannot disconnect SIMs, and block incoming calls.

Airtel and Vodafone has made it clear that they will not shy away from stopping incoming calls, and blocking SIM if every user doesn’t recharge every month.

Due to this aggresive stand to pressurize users, we had called them ‘Thugs of Telecom’.

In their letter to Airtel and Vodafone, TRAI said: “Till such time operators should not discontinue services of such customers who have balance in prepaid accounts equal to minimum recharge amount,”

TRAI: Users Should Be Informed and Educated

Since last few weeks, Vodafone and Airtel have created an unncessary panic and confusion among telecom users, by shooting repeated messages about monthly recharges.

After it became clear that even incoming messages would be blocked, and entire mobile number will be out of service, TRAI has strictly ordered AIrtel and Vodafone to first educate the customer about this new strategy and scheme.

TRAI has ordered that within 3 days (starting yesterday), every prepaid user should be educated on: The last day of the current plan; how to avoid disconnection; details about the minimum recharge plans.

Will TRAI Interfere In Tariff?

However, at the same time, TRAI has made it clear that they wont interfere in the actual tariff structures, as telecom operators are responsible for the same.

However, disconnecting SIMs if minimum recharge not done is not correct, if the user has that amount.

RS Sharma, Chairman, TRAI said, “Tariff and plans are under forbearance and we don’t generally intervene. But if there is sufficient money in the account and despite that people are being told that the services will be disconnected, it is not correct.”

Do you agree that TRAI should intervene, and order Airtel, Vodafone-Idea to terminate their scheme of minimum monthly recharge? Do let us know by commenting right here!

  1. Vishal says

    First of all JIO stop the blind income of these companies , now they want to charge us for poor services i wonder why TRAI is silent in this matter. Since Jan 18 i communicate Vodafone on regular basis to improve there services, in return what i receive ia a call from customer care executive who assure me the improved services but nothing happen even after this vodafone expects that they retain customer by doing such things.

  2. Vijay says

    So what does this mean. If your balance goes below 35 then you can recharge forit to go above Rs.35/- with unlimited valididty? Not going to happen. Nice story from TRAI to show they are doing something(reality is different). I expect TRAI (govt) would have been consulted before coming out with this opiton. Another story about digital economy to take people for a ride.
    Personally I have come across many people whose families are based in their natives and the only way they can talk to them is have a mobile phone at their native place with minimum recharge for unlimited validity. Now they will have to shell out 35/- every 28 days(actually people do not realise counting 28 days is extra month income for the telecom providers if you count for a year). Ha ha ha…people connected and digital ecomomy..time shows the real story

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  4. Ram says

    TRAI saved India from daylight robbery…And it Right. Blocking and forcing to recharge to increase ARPU is totally a cheap way of doing business shows their greed for money by forcing people and customers

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