Paytm Offers Rs 7500 Cashback On Petrol, Diesel – This Is How It Will Work!

This is the perfect cashback offer, as prices of petrol/diesel continue to rise.

Paytm's massive cashback offer
Paytm’s massive cashback offer

Kudos to the marketing department of Paytm, because they have seized a perfect opportunity to leverage a rising concern: Petrol prices.

Paytm has announced a sizzling cashback offer, only applicable when you buy petrol or diesel using Paytm app.

Rs 7500 worth of cashback have been announced, and we will tell you exactly how to avail this, right now!

Keep reading.

Paytm: Rs 7500 Cashback For Petrol/Diesel

In case you buy petrol or diesel at few selected outlets, and then pay via Paytm app, then you become eligible for availing cashbacks upto Rs 7500.

These cashbacks would be directly credited to your bank account.

This is a masterstroke from Paytm, as prices of petrol and diesel have been rising consistently in the last few months, and earlier this week, it breached the crucial Rs 90 mark in Maharashtra.

These are the current petrol and diesel rates:


Delhi: Rs. 81.28 per litre

Mumbai: Rs 88.67 per litre

Chennai: Rs. 84.49 per litre

Kolkata: Rs 83.14 per litre


Delhi: Rs. 73.30 per litre

Mumbai: Rs 77.82 per litre

Chennai: Rs 77.49 per litre

Kolkata: Rs 75.15 per litre

How To Avail Cashback From Paytm?

Anyone can avail this offer, by following these three easy steps:

Step 1: Visit the eligible petrol pump in your city, where this ‘Mahacashback’ offer has been extended.

Step 2: Fill a minimum of Rs 50 worth of petrol or diesel

Step 3: After you have paid the money via Paytm app, you will get a SMS asking you to participate in the cashback offer. Once you have agreed, the vouchers will be directly shared on your Cashback Offers section of Paytm app.

(Note here: We haven’t yet found the list of petrol pumps where this offer of cashback is valid. Will update this post, once we find that out.)

Are There Any Other Terms and Conditions?

Yes, a lot. Here are few major ones:

  • The offer will be valid till August 1st, 2019
  • To be able to get the cashback, it is important to participate in the ‘Get upto Rs. 7500 cashback offer’ which will be visible under the Cashback Offers section of Paytm app.
  • Within 48 hours of the payment of petrol/diesel at the approved petrol pumps, the user will receive the vouchers in the Cashback Offers section of the app.
  • After the activation of Petrol offer in the first instance, the user will be again asked to activate the offer after 11th 21st, 31st, 41st successful transaction.
  • In case of multiple transactions, the cashback offer will be presented only against the first transaction.

You can find the rest of the terms and conditions here (and individual terms and conditions for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 10th and beyond transactions as well.)

Here is the legal disclosure from Paytm regarding this petrol cashback offer.

Do let us know your experience of using Paytm for paying petrol and diesel, by commenting right here!


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