Paytm Being Used To Give ‘Shagun’ To ‘Dholwala’ In This Wedding: Paytm QR Code Seeps Deep Into India!

Indian fintech sector is booming like anything and with the foray of digital payments apps like PhonePay, GooglePay, Paytm it has become super duper convenient for people to transfer their money within few seconds.

Paytm Being Used To Give 'Shagun' To 'Dholwala' In This Wedding: Paytm QR Code Seeps Deep Into India!

Now a days, scanning QR codes for money transfer has become the norm. These payments option is used extensively across all age groups for plenty of reasons. 

The government is also pushing for the digital payment mode and wants to make the country a digital payment country.

Paytm To Dholwala!

However, one such incident has surfaced which has people turning their heads. This is about a person who recently used QR code for ‘shagun’!

Now, lets get the context first. In Indian marriages, dholwale are called in the baraat so that they can play dhol. They are paid in cash, until now.

Recently, a man from Bihar however resorted to make use of technological facilities in a baraat to give ‘shagun’ to people playing the dhol.

A Twitter user, who goes by the name Suman Rastogi shared a video of a man who gave shagun’ to dholwala via Paytm.

According to rituals, the money or cash bundle that is handed over to dholwala is first circled over the head of the groom in a ritualistic manner and then given to the dholwala.

Here in this incidence, the man opened the app, swirled his phone around groom’s head and then scanned the code which was attached to the dholwala’s dhol.

Various Tweets

This video has gone viral and has everyone in hysterics. This video was captioned: “Paytm Karo (tagline of the e-money transferring app), Bihar Shaadi me bhi, How to use the technology, only Indians knew very well.”

The video has had everyone is hysterics and there are various reactions over it. One of the user wrote “UPI made life easy”. Another tweeted that  “UPI made life easy”. Another user quoted, “Digital India in a nutshell.”

Following were various tweets : 

“Paytm pr 50 rupee prapt hue (You received 50 rupees on Paytm).” 

“Ye Bihar hai bhai sahab yaha sab possible hai.”

“Indian culture mixed with the growing digital culture looks so good. Also speaks volumes about the flexibility and non-rigid nature of our vibrant Hindu culture.” 

“This only happens in India.”

“This is real digital India”. 

And one of the most interesting ones “Indians applying modern solutions to modern problems! No more Cheena Chappti” ?

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