Xiaomi Is The Undisputed Champion Of Wearables in India; Overall 1 Million+ Units Shipped!

Xiaomi has captured 46% wearable market in India

Xiaomi is the #1 wearable brand in India
Xiaomi is the #1 wearable brand in India

IDC India has released their latest report on the state of wearable sales in India, and there some good news for Xiaomi fans.

India’s undisputed wearable champion is Xiaomi!

Who are the other major players? How many wearables were shipped in India?

Keep reading to find out the juicy details!


Xiaomi Is India’s #1 Wearable Player

With a 46% market share, Xiaomi has emerged as the #1 company to sell wearables in India. Compared to last quarter, Xiaomi grew by 31%, which is the maximum for any company.

Overall, total of 1 million wearable units was shipped to India during the second quarter of 2018, which is a record in itself.

Top 5 Players In Wearables

While Xiaomi is at #1, GOQii is at 2nd position.

Infact GOQii posted a healthy growth of  74% annual growth and 36% sequential growth in its shipments, which is again a record.

Titan is the surprise entry in the top 5 list, as it is placed at #3 position.

Fitbit has slipped to #4 and Lenovo is at #5 position.

Which Wearables Are Selling The Most?

Wristbands continue to hold #1 category of the most popular wearables in India, as it accounted for 90% of overall sale volume, of all companies.

In the Smartwatch category, Apple is still the biggest player, although it didn’t help them to enter the top 5 ranks. One out of three smartwatches sold in India were from Apple.

Android Phones Will Command 85% Market Share in 2018!

Meanwhile, in a related news, another IDC report claimed that Android will continue to be the dominant operating system, globally.

With a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.4%, no other operating system is even close to where Android is present right now.

By 2022, around 1.41 billion smartphones will be shipped, with Android in them as the OS.

On the other hand, Apple will be able to sell 238 million units of smartphones in their iOS operating system, thereby triggering a growth rate of 2.1%.

We will keep you updated, as receive more updates.

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