Google Will Offer Instant Loans; Launch Hindi Publishing Tool ‘Navlekha’

During Google for India event, several key initiatives were announced.

Google will give instant loans
Google will give instant loans

In a bid to grow in India, Google on Tuesday announced an exclusive partnership deal with some of the biggest Indian banks to offer instant loans to masses.

The internet giant wants more Indians to transact online and are looking up to next billion users and payments.

The company announced several key initiatives at the event specific to the Indian market, which also included the renaming of Google Tez to Google Pay in the country and announcement of Navlekha, a special Google tool for regional language publishers.

Google Instant Loans

After rebranding its Tez app into Google Pay, the company has now partnered with four major Indian banks: HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Federal Bank to offer instant loans to the users of the Google Pay app as Google Instant Loans.

According to Google, Tez has over 22 million monthly active users in India.

The Google instant loan project may pose a huge threat to Alibaba-SoftBank backed Paytm, who plans to bring a similar feature in the future. Though, Google added that it’s open to collaborating with other Indian payments firms to expand their operations.

Project Navlekha: Taking Regional Content Online

Google announced a new initiative which plans to take Indian regional content online called Project Navlekha. Under the new project, the internet giant plans to help regional language publishers to bring their content to the internet.

Putting up regional content online is tough and the process is very complicated when it comes to uploading such content on the internet.

With Google Navlekha, the simple application will now create a webpage out of the scanned copies of pages without any extra hassle. Google Navlekha will help publishers to take offline content online and make it fully editable and publish on the internet without the need of an expert.

Navlekha currently will be available with Hindi publications, and later will expand to other Indian languages as well.

Google will also offer free websites to these publications and provide expert help to set up their own websites. Google experts will help publishers to get their content online for free with add-on publication tools and a free domain name for the first three years.

Now Track Your YouTube Time & Activity

Google has announced an all-new Time Watched tool on YouTube to take its Digital Wellbeing initiative a step further. Now you can access how much time you spend daily on YouTube users via your Account menu.

The profile shows you for how long you have been on YouTube today, yesterday, last 7 days and the daily average time you spent on the streaming app an site.

The Google company also recently launched Take a Break feature for YouTube that lets you set a reminder for YouTube. You can set a reminder for every 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes which pauses your video and reminds you to take a break.

Google Will Use AI To Detect Floods & Diseases

Google is working on a new platform with new-age technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to build a network that can rapidly respond to natural disasters like floods and earthquakes as well as address mass-spread diseases and healthcare challenges.

The company also has partnered with India’s Ministry of Water Resources on a pilot project on flood warnings.

In the Kerala floods, Google launched a series of measures to help and assist people in the state with SOS alerts, emergency resources and response numbers on Google Search, and launched a donation drive towards Kerala CM relief fund via its Tez app.

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