Google Pay Users Will Get Rs 1100 For Using The App! Are You Eligible?

Google Pay Users Will Get Rs 1100 For Using The App! Are You Eligible?
Google Pay Users Will Get Rs 1100 For Using The App! Are You Eligible?

How about getting paid for something you’re already doing? 

Yes, the same is offered by a billion-dollar corporation, so why not take that opportunity while you can. 

What Is This Opportunity?

Google Pay came up with the Spring Challenge Starting April 1.

It is a 10-day contest to perform tasks that will potentially earn a gift of $30.

 We might alert you that it won’t be as easy or straightforward as dropping by the store every day to buy packs of gum.

But it should be easy enough, and you can even help your friends and get help from them either way.

How Does Spring Challenge Work?

You simply have to collect stamps through actions like paying friends, redeeming offers, completing transactions, referring friends, and activating insights on your account. 

When you have 5 unique stamps, you’ll get the $30 reward.

To achieve them, every day you will have to follow a set of daily actions in the Google Pay app to earn stamps. 

If we talk about the rules, then to start with the list of tasks will change every day, and some may require doing some things more than once to complete.

Not to forget that there are a couple of caveats too. Firstly, there’s a limit of 200,000 rewards to be handed out, which means the prizes could run out before the end of the 10 days.

A Bit Complicated

Making things more complicated, you must collect one of each stamp: Robin, Bear, Alligator, Elk, and Fox. 

You should also note that some tasks guarantee specific stamps while others produce one at random. 

To make the game more interesting, Google gives odds for the randomly generated stamps as per the terms and conditions.

Further noting that there’s a 95% chance for the Robin, Bear, and Alligator; and there’s only a 5% chance to get the Elk or Fox.

It seems like they are intended to push users to complete specific actions rather than taking a chance on getting them randomly.

So if you are into playing this game to win and happen to accrue more stamps than you need, then you can also gift extra stamps to your friends.

But, you can only donate duplicates of the stamps you already have.

In case you have ended up with an extra Elk and need a Fox, maybe somebody else will be in the same boat and you can do a little trading.

The best would be if a friend refers you as it would speed up the stamp collecting for one or both of you.

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