Amazon India Employees Will Not Work After 6PM; Are Indians Overworked?

As per studies and surveys, it is clear that Indians work more than employees from other countries.


Amazon India has stirred a hornet’s nest this time, and the issue is so sensitive, that it will definitely create ripples all across the corporate structure in India.

The order by Amit Agarwal, Amazon India CEO certainly raises some crucial questions regarding work-home balance and productivity of employees.

Amazon India employee
Amazon India employee

What is that order? Do Indians really work so hard?

Keep reading to find out more!

Amazon India CEO: No Work Between 6 PM and 8 AM!

In an email to all employees, Amazon India CEO Amit Agarwal has said that no official work shall be conducted between 6 PM and 8 AM.

As per NextBigWhat, the email said: “No business decision should be made between 6 pm and 8 am.”

As per details emerging, the order covers calls, emails, and messages related with work.

Now, the question which arises: Is it feasible?

France Has Banned Emails After Work Hours

Last year, France became the first country to ban work-related emails after office hours.

As per the new French labor law, companies with more than 50 employees need to set working hours for their employees, and beyond that, no work-related emails or calls can be made to them.

This new law has been named as “Right To Disconnect”.

French legislator Benoit Hamon explained that the law will help employees who “leave the office, but they do not leave their work. They remain attached by a kind of electronic leash—like a dog.”

Interestingly, French already have a labor law, which limits working hours per week to 35, for all employees, across any sector. This law is in force since 2000.

In a way, Amazon has followed France here, in helping out stress faced by employees.

Indians Are Overworked?

In last few years, there have been several studies and researches, which point out one fact pretty clearly: Indians are overworked.

In a 2011 study, it was revealed that Indians are 7th most hard-working employees in the world, as they contribute more working hours. It was found that an average Indian will work 8.1 hours more than any other employee from the Western country.

This year, we reported that employees from Mumbai work more than any other employees from any other country: An average Mumbai employee will log in 3314 hours per year, which is 1300 hours more than the global average.

And, last year, a report stated that 80% of Indian millennials will work more than their bosses, as the report by Talentedge discovered that 12 hours per week is given extra by them.

In 2015, a survey found that 74% of Indian employees will work after office hours, and 78% of the employees are expected to work on a holiday.

Losing their job was the primary motivation, it seems.

No wonder 82% of the employees in India definitely know that they will switch their jobs within a year!

Under these circumstances, it is really noteworthy for Amazon India to recognize that Indians are over-worked, and it is a welcome step from their end.

But, as a time when Amazon is accused of extracting more work from their employees, doubts persist. (a report said that Amazon employees are forced to pee in bottle to save time!)

Do you think that such a rule to ban work-related emails after 6 PM will work in India? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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