No One Works Like A Mumbaikar! Mumbai Employees Log Maximum Working Hours In The World!

But, if hours is what it takes to become successful, then how many hours is enough to be successful?


Mumbai Logs In Maximum Working Hours

Often, the number of working hours directly translates to success – personal success, professional success and organization’s success.

But, if hours is what it takes to become successful, then how many hours is enough to be successful?

If you are in Mumbai, and an employee, then hats off. Because you spend maximum working hours, globally!


Maximum Working Hours: Mumbaikars Beat All Others in Hard Work!

Swiss Bank UBS had recently conducted a unique survey, wherein they tried to figure out employees of which cities work the most.

As per the findings of the report, a typical employee in Mumbai works the most, compared to anywhere in the world.

The study found that an employee in Mumbai works 3314 hours in a year, which translates to 9.07 hours of work, per day (including weekends).

If we believe the study, then no one works like a Mumbaikar!

Why Is This A Big Deal?

Because of the sheer volume!

3314 hours per year of work is 1300 hours more than what is the global average of working hours in a year: 1987 hours/year.

Besides, 3314 hours per year is almost double of what an employee in Europe works.

For instance, in Rome, an employee works for 1,581 hours per year and in Paris 1,662 hours per year is the norm for an employee.

But, What About Earning?

Sadly, the number of working hours don’t translate into direct monetary benefits, due to various economic reasons.

For instance, a typical worker in New York would be able to afford an iPhone by working just 54 hours, compared to 917 hours of work required for a worker in Mumbai to be able to afford the same.

Considering the rent to income ratio, living in Mumbai is 46% that of living in New York!

Which Others Cities Rank Higher in Earning?

In terms of earnings, Geneva, Zurich and Luxembourg workers are placed at the top, compared to any other employees from other cities.

A worker in Mumbai may be working hard, but in terms of income, they are placed second last, at #76, only better than Cairo, which is actually worse than African cities like Nairobi and Laos!

The study conducted research across 77 countries in the world.

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