71% Indian Employees Want To Change Their Career! Find Out Why?

71% Indian Employees Want To Change Their Career! Find Out Why?
71% Indian Employees Want To Change Their Career! Find Out Why?

While impacting the job market, the ongoing pandemic has become a catalyst for employees resetting their priorities, as per  a report.


Employees Rethinking About Their Careers

The report revealed that around 71 percent of the surveyed employees are rethinking about their careers and might explore a different career. 

On one side the economies across the globe struggled with a new wave of Covid-19, it is having a significant impact on the labor market too.

Over 71 percent of employees surveyed said that they are rethinking their careers and even thinking that “if a different career is worth pursuing”, as  per the report by global job site Indeed.

The findings are based on a survey conducted by Valuvox among 1,219 employers and 1,511 employees during October and November 2021.

These findings are the parts of Indeed India Hiring Tracker HY2 2021.

 Prioritizing The Job

Further, the report reveals that 51 percent pondered if their current job is fulfilling a purpose, while a larger proportion of 67 percent questioned themselves of being in the right job.

At the same time, another 61 percent of surveyed employees said that they are seriously thinking to reprioritise their job in favor of other life priorities.

Moreover, these re-evaluation have resulted in about three out of 10 employees thinking of quitting their current jobs, the report  observed.

Interestingly, this thought has occurred to a greater proportion of male employees (31 per cent) compared to the women employees (19 per cent), the report mentions.

A Paradigm Shift

It seems that the Covid-19 has brought a paradigm shift in the priorities of the employees.

Further the report said that for 68 percent of surveyed employees, job satisfaction was solely ranked as ‘very’ or ‘most’ important aspect followed by salary and job satisfaction for 62 per cent.

 A close third was with work-life balance as 61 percent of employees prioritized the same, the report noted.

This concludes that the employees are looking for flexibility, work-life balance, the purpose of work and job satisfaction, although it may take some more time to transform this into a reality.

Employees Seeking For Flexibility

As many as 77 percent of employees said their workplaces do not offer flexibility.

On the other hand only 7 percent of the survey employees got the privilege of the flexibility of working fewer hours for reduced pay, report said.

The report mentions that irrespective of hierarchies and education levels, most of the employees (49 per cent) were found to be working 5-day a week with 51 percent of them clocking 6-8 hours a day.

The report found that remote work has blurred lines between personal and professional lives.

During Covid, more than half of male employees (57 per cent) worked for 6-8 hours a day compared to the pre-Covid days when  only 15 percent of male employees worked for the same duration.

On the other hand, the percentage of women working for 6-8 hours has grown marginally to 43 per cent from 41 percent pre-Covid, the report added.

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