This Chennai-Based IT Firm Gifts Rs 15 Crore Worth Of Maruti Cars To Employees!

This Chennai-Based IT Firm Gifts Rs 15 Crore Worth Of Maruti Cars To Employees!
This Chennai-Based IT Firm Gifts Rs 15 Crore Worth Of Maruti Cars To Employees!

In a great initiative towards recognising the efforts and contributions put by its employees in the company’s success, Chennai-based IT firm Ideas2IT gifted 100 Maruti Suzuki cars to 100 employees on Monday.

The move became a sensation, especially after another Chennai-based software company Kissflow Digital gifted new BMW cars to five of its top management employees.

Ideas2IT gifted Maruti cars to 100 employees who completed 10 years and more in the company, irrespective of their roles and designation, stated news reports.

Chennai-Based IT Company Gifts Cars to 100 Employees

It is often said that in order to move ahead as a successful business, one must keep their employees entertained and happy.

The IT company Ideas2IT took this theory too far, it appears, in a good way though.

The company gifted different ranges of Maruti SUzuki cars to its employees, from S-Cross to Baleno models, in recognition of contributions of these 100 employees to the company’s success. The total cost to the company in gifting 100 cars stood at Rs 15 crore.

Ideas2IT was founded in 2009 with six engineers, and over the past 4 years, its revenue growth has rallied 56% on a YoY basis, with an employee addition of 37% YoY, stated the company’s top management.

“We are gifting 100 cars to 100 of our employees who have been a part of us for more than 10 years. We have a strength of 500 employees. Our concept is to return the wealth we have received, to the employees,” said the company’s Marketing Head, Hari Subramanian.

“Seven-eight years ago we promised that when we get lefty goals we will share our wealth. Awarding these cars is just the first step. We plan to roll out more such initiatives in the near future,” stated Ideas2IT’s Founder and Chairman Murali Vivekanandan.

One such employee receiving a gift car stated, “It is always great to receive gifts from the organization; on every occasion, the company shares its happiness with gifts like gold coins, iPhones. Car is a very big thing for us.”

“It’s wonderful to work for a company that is willing to share its wealth. This car award means a lot more to me,” said another employee.

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