Which Is India’s Most Punctual Airlines? The Answer May Shock You!

Japan Airlines has emerged as World's most punctual airlines.

India's most punctual airlines?
India’s most punctual airlines?

Punctuality is something which we Indians haven’t mastered to perfection. We take time and deadlines as granted, and ‘jugaad’ is the pillar which we latch on to.

Well, almost.

But not anymore. One of the largest low-cost Indian airlines has emerged as World’s 4th most punctual airlines, and hence, it has become India’s most punctual airlines as well.

Which airlines is that?

Indigo Is World’s 4th And India’s Most Punctual Airlines!

UK-based OAG Aviation Worldwide Ltd, which is an air-travel intelligence company has created a first of its kind punctuality index for all airlines in the world.

A metrics called On-Time Performance or OTP has been devised, after studying the flights’ arrival and departure time, and checking how much deviation exists in announced time, and real time.

In this ranking, Gurgaon based Indigo Airlines has emerged as World’s 4th most punctual airlines, and India’s most punctual airlines.

However, note here that Indigo has scored maximum OTP in arrivals section.

The rankings have been made based on the actual time of arrival or departure, and compared it to the scheduled time of arrival and departure.

With 81.22 OTP score, Indigo has ranked #4 in this ranking.

This list and ranking has been made of the Top 20 mega airlines of the world.

No other Indian airlines has featured in this list, which means that Indigo has certainly done some remarkable work here to emerge as the 4th most punctual airlines, globally.

Japan Airlines: World’s Most Punctual Airlines

With OTP score of 85.27, Japan Airlines has emerged as World’s most punctual airlines.

At #2 is All Nippon Airway, also from Japan with OTP score of 83.81.

Delta Airlines is at #3, Indigo at #4, and Alaska Airlines at #5.

Most Punctual Low Cost Carrier

OAG Aviation has also derived a separate list of most punctual low-cost carriers, all over the world.

In this ranking, besides Indigo, Air Asia India and SpiceJet has also been featured.

While Indigo has been ranked #9th, Air Asia India is ranked #17th, and SpiceJet is ranked #20 in the ranking of most punctual low-cost airlines.

Europe-based Vueling Airlines is the #1 in punctuality of low-cost carriers with OTP of 85.25.

In terms of routes, Delhi-Mumbai has emerged as world’s 3rd most busiest air-route. Bengaluru-Delhi and Bengaluru-Mumbai are other routes which have been ranked here.

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  1. Ravi says

    Am travelling indigo almost since the month it was launched. Have been a frequent flyer sinc then. Not more than 2 or 3 times i have seen indigo taking of late. I also have an incident when it took off late due to congestion at New Delhi airport (Pre T3 days) but eventually landed on time. Needless to say their quality of service and consistency in delivering services has been unparalleled all through these years. .

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