Emojis Have Taken Over The World – Here Are Top 10 Emojis Used on Twitter By Indians!

Today, the world is celebrating World Emoji Day.

World is celebrating World Emoji Day today
World is celebrating World Emoji Day today

The year was 1999, and a Japanese graphic designer named Shigetaka Kurita decided to create emojis: graphical representation of emotions for NTT DoCoMo’s Internet platform.

Little did he know that the new form of expressions which he has developed will become so popular, across the world in the coming years.

It became the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the year 2015!

There are a lot of theories surrounding the reason behind the immense popularity of emojis all over the world, and analysts have explained psychological and emotional reasons behind it.

Scientists say that humans are better evolved to understand the story via pictures, and a simple :-) can portray a lot more compared to 100 words of text, explaining the same emotions.

Today, that is July 17th, 2018, the World is celebrating World Emoji Day, and on the occasion, Twitter has shared some of the top emojis which were used by Indians in 2018.

Besides, Twitter has also shared an exhaustive list of all the custom emojis which they created for special events like FIFA, IPL etc and movies such as Kaala, Avengers and more.

Twitter: Top 10 Emojis Used by Indians in 2018

The good ol’ smiley emoji was #1, as Indians found wit and humor in plenty.

The love symbol was placed second, which is good sign and the traditional ‘namaskar’ was positioned at #3.

Besides facial expressions, emojis for state of mind were also popular. For instance, the heart shape, which shows love, and fire, which means red hot, viral and urgent.

Here are the top 10 emojis which Indians used on Twitter this year:

Top 10 emojis used in India on Twitter
Top 10 emojis used in India on Twitter

Twitter’s Custom Emojis A Huge Hit!

Twitter has now started creating customized emojis, for special occasion, movies, books and celebrities.

They have shared the list of all custom emojis which they created this year, and going by the popularity, it is clear that Twitter users are loving them, and increasingly using them to showcase their expressions, in the most minimal effort.

FIFA 2018, which concluded this Sunday, was the biggest event of 2018, and Twitter ensured to cover it with emojis. Unique emojis for flags of all the participating nations were created. Besides, customized emojis for languages were also created: Speakers of English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic and Portuguese experienced this first hand.

Special emojis for IPL players, and IPL matches were also created, and widely used by Twitter users.

As per a report, 92% of Internet population use emojis for expressing their thoughts, and 36 percent of the millennials believed that mojis convey their thoughts better than English!

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