Airtel Beats Reliance Jio In 4G Speed Test Across Delhi-NCR; Vodafone Has Best Upload Speed!

The tests were conducted only at Delhi-NCR, and included call drop assessment as well

Airtel has better speed than Jio in Delhi
Airtel has better speed than Jio in Delhi

As per Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) latest speed tests, Airtel has been able to make a dent in Jio’s claim of fastest speed.

Meanwhile, Vodafone has managed to pull-off a surprise, and bagged the 1st position in upload speed.

Airtel Has Faster Speed Than Jio: TRAI

Between February 20th and March 16th, TRAI conducted an Independent Drive Test (IDT) method test for measuring speed of various telecom providers.

This test was limited to Delhi-NCR, and included cities such as Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad and more.

A test route of 2300 kms was selected, and TRAI evaluated around 23 hotspots across Delhi-NCR.

The highlight of the results was Airtel’s improved 4G download speed, compared to Jio.

While Airtel managed to give 8.9 Mbps speed in 4G network, Jio managed 7.3 Mbps speed. With 4.9 Mbps speed, Vodafone managed the third position in download speed test.

The same results were observed in measuring website loading time as well: When tested for a sample webpage, Airtel took just 6.7 seconds to load that page, while Jio took 7.2 seconds. Vodafone took  9 seconds to load the same webpage.

Vodafone Has Best 4G Upload Speed!

However, when it comes to upload speed, then Vodafone surprised one and all.

With 5.8 Mbps upload speed, Vodafone emerged as #1 telco in this criteria. Jio was placed at #2 position with upload speed of 2.1 Mbps, meanwhile Airtel secured #3 position with 2 Mbps speed.

When it comes to video streaming test, then Airtel was #1, with delay of just 1.7 seconds in streaming. Jio scored 2.6 seconds, and Vodafone was at 2.7 seconds.

In 3G speed test, MTNL proved to be the better player, compared with Airtel or Vodafone (Jio doesn’t have 3G)

MTNL topped the charts for 3G speed with 3.7 Mbps download speed, compared to Airtel’s 3.3 Mbps and Vodafone’s 2.3 Mbps speed.

The report also observed the call drop rates of the telcs, and found that the overall performance has improved.

In their tests, only 2% of the calls dropped. However, MTNL and Aircel showed worst results: MTNL exhibited call drop rate as high as 19.5% on 2G network, while, Aircel has call drop of 5.7%.

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    Reliance jio ‘s Indoor data speed is not so good these days. Specially upload speed is getting worst. But it provides some offers that you cannot refuse.

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