4G LTE Will Engulf 78% Of Indian Telecom Market; IoT Connections Picking Up In India!

The report has also predicted that IoT enabled connections are rising at a fast pace in India, and soon, we will become the IoT hub of the world.


4G LTE Will Take Over

Swedish telecom conglomerate Ericsson has just released their June 2018 Mobility Report, and things are getting exciting for Indian telecom market.

As per the findings of the report, 78% of entire Indian telecom market would be 4G LTE enabled by 2023, which means that 3G and 2G connections would shrink to just 22% share.

The report has also predicted that IoT enabled connections are rising at a fast pace in India, and soon, we will become the IoT hub of the world.

Nitin Bansal, Head of Network Solutions for the Market Area Southeast Asia, Oceania and India for Ericsson, said,

“We expect LTE to be the most dominant technology in India by 2023,”

But as of now, China and US are leading the IoT revolution.

Here are the major highlights from the report:


4G LTE Revolution Hits India

As of now, LTE enabled mobile connections are 20% of the overall volume, which will rise to 78% by 2023. If we believe the report, then by 2023, there shall be 780 million VoLTE users by 2023.

Around 975 million smartphone users would be present in India, as per the report. This is 2.5 times more than current smartphone users.

Data Traffic To Increase Exponentially

With the faster Internet and cheaper plans (read Jio effect), the overall data usage in India will rise to exponential levels.

As per the report prepared by Ericsson, from current 1.9 EB data used per month, this will rise to 10 EB by 2023.

At the same time, data usage per smartphone will rise from 5.7 GB in 2017 to 13.7 GB by 2023.

New Smartphone Users Increasing In India

The report says that in terms of net addition of new mobile phone users during the 1st quarter of 2018, India was ranked #2 in the world, after China. A total of 16 million new mobile users joined the telecom circle in India, compared to 98 million new users in China.

Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nigeria were other prominent countries which added a massive number of new mobile users.

IoT Connections Rise In India

By 2023, there would be 72 million IoT connections in India, which will include mobile along with other gadgets such as TV, tablets and computers.

This would be 72% growth per year, which is among the highest in the world.

Since November 2017, the total number of IoT connections has doubled all over the world and as of 2023, there would be 3.5 billion IoT connections globally.

IoT cellular technologies such as NB-IoT and Cat-M1 are driving massive IoT installations in China and US.

The report has predicted that 5G revolution will start in the US, and by 2023, there would be 1 billion 5G users in India.

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