BSNL’s Smart Landline Phones Will Enable Video Calls, Chat With Friends & More!

BSNL is all set to introduce sizzling features, and the process has already started from Rajasthan.


BSNL Smart Landline Phones

State-run BSNL has decided to revamp their existing landline connections and make them smart.

In fact, if we believe the incoming reports, then BSNL is all set to introduce sizzling features, and the process has already started from Rajasthan.

BSNL’s New Smart Landline!

BSNL has started testing & implementing new, sizzling features of landline, which will convert them into smartphones.

And even better.

These new features would be implemented using Next-generation network protocols, and the implementation has started from Bundi and Hindoli districts in Rajasthan.

Mr B.K Agarwal, telecom district manager (TDM), Bundi has confirmed the developments.

Some of the new features which landline users in these districts would be able to access are:

  • Chat feature
  • SMS feature
  • Video calling
  • Receive landline calls on mobile (calls must be received within the area threshold)
  • Avail landline call rates and services via any mobile

Around 86 new towers have already been installed in and around Bundi to make the landlines, truly smart.

How Will it Work?

BSNL is implementing the highly advanced Next-generation network in the landline network, wherein one single telecommunication network will encapsulate all forms of media and information (voice, data, and other services) via single IP packets.

This is the reason, that BSNL landline users are being asked to upgrade their connection with the new IP phone, which will make them eligible to use the new and smart landline services.

BSNL’s Landline Plans

Earlier this month, we had reported how BSNL is attempting to unleash a revolution in the stagnant landline niche.

This month, they have already launched a special Rs 99 plan for unlimited voice calls, exclusively for landline users, across India.

India has around 23.2 million landline users and out of that, BSNL is ranked #3.

However, due to cheap mobile plans and Jio’s onslaught in the telecom space is taking customers away from BSNL, and they have witnessed a massive erosion of customer base in this sector.

Last year alone, almost 1.5 lakh users quit BSNL landline connections.

It would be interesting to observe how BSNL’s newest push for landline users can enable them to revive this segment.

We will keep you updated.

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