Facebook Launches Voice Posts, Save For Later, Story Archive in India!

The company has made some big changes to its Facebook Stories with brand new features.


Facebook Stories Gets New Features In India

After the controversy, Facebook is working hard to keep up the reputation. In a bid to hold back users, the social media company has launched a slew of latest features for Facebook. The company has made some big changes to its Facebook Stories which new features like Stories Archives, Save Photos and Videos For Later and Voice Posts.

Facebook has already tested a number of its add-on features in the country like Facebook Jobs and Marketplace, as India remains its biggest market in the world. Unlike other features, the new updates for Facebook Stories are being launched in India first.


The Evolution of ‘Stories’

The feature was first launched by multimedia messaging app Snapchat, two years ago before Facebook-owned Instagram ripped it off. From Instagram, it made its way to another Facebook entity, WhatsApp as Status, and then on the Facebook’s primary app as well. The stories are now also available on Facebook Messenger.

Both Instagram and WhatsApp have seen a massive response and have benefitted from the feature. Today, Instagram and WhatsApp have more ‘Stories’ users than Snapchat itself.

Though, the feature hasn’t been well accepted on Facebook yet. Facebook Stories are behind WhatsApp and Instagram in spite of having more number of users. The social media giant is trying to add more features to Facebook Stories engage more users on its platform.

New Facebook Stories Features

The company has added a number of new features, some of which, again are Snapchat rip-offs.

1. Save Photos & Videos For Later

Facebook users can now save photos and videos for later. The moments you capture through your Facebook’s camera can now be directly saved on Facebook. The photos and videos will not be taking up any additional space on your smartphones. The pictures and videos will be visible when you log into your Facebook account.

Instagram has a similar feature where users can save their edited photos as drafts. Pictures and videos captured via Facebook camera can now be directly saved online instead of saving it on the device.

2. Voice Posts

Facebook is also bringing voice posts to its Stories. Till now users could share pictures and videos on Facebook Stories, but the latest update allows users to share voice posts on its platform. The voice post feature is already available on WhatsApp Stories.

The voice posts will allow users to share 20-second long voice posts in Facebook Stories. Users can now use an image or just a blank template and record a voice clip on top of it.

Users can also share the same voice post from Facebook Stories to their News Feed. You can choose your audience with whom you want to share your voice post from your privacy settings. For News Feed, there’s no such time limit for voice posts.

3. Stories Archive

Users can now save their stories long after and can archive them. The Stories Archive is already available on Instagram and Snapchat where the feature lets you save your stories within the app. The Facebook Stories you have archived will be visible to you until you delete them.

You can re-share any post if you want from your archived Stories. You can also post any of these Stories to News Feed. From now on, Facebook will ask you if you want to archive any of your Stories and you just need to tap on “OK” the feature will be enabled. You can also find the option in Stories settings as well.

Roll Out

Facebook has said in a statement that the new features have been built with data restrictions so that these features can work on low data and poor network conditions.

The features will be made available on Android in a few weeks, though there’s no update whether the features will be released for the iOS app or not.

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  1. Sid Barat says

    Interesting developments on Facebook. Save for later would certainly be useful for a lot of iPhone users who had got a 16/32 Gb device and are perpetually out of storage on their phones.

    Moreover, 2018/19 seems to be the year of voice! There is a marked trend with the rise of voice search in Android/iOS and connected devices.

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