Airtel Has Fastest 4G, 3G Speeds; BSNL, Idea Beats Jio As Per Opensignal Report!

Opensignal has just released their State of Mobile Networks: India (April 2018) report.


Airtel Has Fastest 4G in India

If we believe Opensignal’s latest report on mobile Internet speed in India, then a shocking revelation comes into the picture: Jio has one of the worst 4G speed, compared with other telecom operators.

In fact, even Idea and BSNL have beaten Jio in the overall ranking of mobile internet speed.

Overall, as per Opensignal, Airtel has the fastest network in India.

Airtel Has Fastest 4G; Jio Is Slowest?

Opensignal has just released their State of Mobile Networks: India (April 2018) report and Jio fans are in for a shock!

The report informs us that Airtel has the fastest mobile internet speed in the country, as it tops three different rankings:

  1. Download Speed 4G
  2. Download Speed 3G
  3. Overall Mobile Internet Speed

For 4G download speed, Airtel scores an impressive 9.3 Mbps, whereas Jio manages only 5.13 Mbps. While Idea scores 7.27 Mbps speed, Vodafone has 6.98 Mbps speed.

Hence, the report finds that Jio has the worst speed, even slower than Idea and Vodafone.

However, when it comes to availability of the 4G network, then Jio is the best. In terms of availability of LTE network in India, Opensignal researchers found Jio signals 96.4% of times, compared to  95.6% in October.

Earlier this month, Opensignal had shared a report, which placed Patna above Delhi and Mumbai in terms of 4G access.

In terms of 3G network, again Airtel has beaten all contemporary telecom operators, as they score 2.73 Mbps speed. BSNL has the worst, 2.19 Mbps speed in the 3G download.

Regional Dominance: Idea Scores Above Jio!

Out of 18 regions, Airtel is #1 across 10 regions, for 4G download speed.

However, in the remaining 8 regions, there has been some intense fight.

Idea Telecom has emerged as the top regional player in this race of 4G speed, as they are #1 in UP East, UP West, Bihar and West Bengal.

Vodafone and Idea are at #2 position for most of the 18 regions, and Jio has been placed at #3. Only Kolkata is the circle, where Jio has been placed at #2 for 4G download speed.

In the latency score, Vodafone has emerged as #1 telco, with 66.44 milliseconds. In this ranking as well, Jio has the worst score, with a 79.31-millisecond latency.

In the overall ranking, which combines both 4G and 3G/2G speeds, Airtel is at #1 with 6.01 Mbps speed; Jio is at #2 with 5.13 Mbps speed and Idea is at #3 with 4.5 Mbps speed.

BSNL has the worst overall speed at 2.19 Mbps.

You can find the complete report here.

What is your experience with Jio and Airtel? Do you agree with Opensignal’s mobile internet speed report? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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  1. Arun says

    Forget about 3G i am not using it at present. But coming 4G speed as per my perception “The only people who are happy with Airtel 4G speed are in Airtel 4G ads only”. Due to Jio tsunami, Other operators are trying to upgrade network in some metro areas and trying make customers to believe that they are providing good service. Truth is they still need to upgrade there infra. If i go to remote area where my grandma lives there also i can able to find Jio 4G signal with great speed unlike these pathetic networks. Users like me are not going to believe in opensignal kind of bull shit report to get us back to choose the old networks who robbed us with unusual charges.

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