Facebook Announces Special Packages For Political Parties; Election Fight Will Intensify!

Facebook has announced special packages for political parties, across all nations.


Facebook Announces Special Packages For Political Parties

In an unprecedented move which has never been witnessed before, anywhere in the world, Facebook has announced special packages for political parties, across all nations.

To make it easier for ‘marketing managers’ of these political parties, the packages have been classified as ‘Bronze’; ‘Silver’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’.

Observers of social media are whispering that Facebook’s special packages for elections have been designed for Lok Sabha Elections, which will due to happen next year in India.

But first, let us understand what inspired Facebook to launch these packages?


Facebook: Data Is Anyways Being Sold, Why Not Make A Profit?

The inspiration for Facebook has clearly come from Cambridge Analytica, the now in-famous agency which harvested, misused data of over 50 million Facebook users to influence US Presidential elections in 2016.

As per Facebook, they were not even aware of these developments, as Russian content farms produced tons of fake news, spend millions of US dollars on Facebook ads, and helped President Trump win the elections.

However, now, they are. And they want to take things in control.

As per some insider reports, Facebook doesn’t want an external, 3rd party entity to exploit precious data of their users. They want to do it themselves now.

A recent hidden memo has emerged, which shows that Facebook is not concerned about users’ life and death, and their expansion of ‘network’ is the only factor they consider.

In the view of this, what harm can few millions of rows of users’ data can do?

Maybe change the politics of a nation, that’s all.

Facebook’s Special Packages For Political Parties

Another report says that the idea of special packages hit their core team, after an Indian Minister scolded and warned Mark Zuckerberg over any attempt to influence Indian elections.

Before that, they weren’t even considering India as a ‘target nation’ for spreading mayhem and destruction using the power of their data.

Our sources that that for one full week, they brainstormed the ideas, and eventually came up with 4 packages:

#1 Package: Bronze

In this plan, political parties can influence only till 100,000 registered voters within a region. A notification every 3 days will be sent to the voters, reminding them to vote for the particular party.

#2 Package: Silver

In this political package, Facebook will brainwash and influence 500,000 registered voters, in a constituency. A notification will be sent every 2 days, about the party which can bought with this plan.

#3 Package: Gold

This is the best value. Facebook will influence 1000,000 or 1 million registered voters under this plan, and even ping them daily, asking them to vote a particular political party.

#4 Package: Platinum

For politicians with deep pockets, this package seems perfect. Facebook will influence and brainwash 5 million or 50 lakh voters in a given region. Facebook will ping the voters to vote for a particular party every hour.

A spokesperson from Facebook has said that due to the exclusive nature of the elections, only one political party will be able to buy a particular package from the region.

The exact prices of these packages haven’t been revealed yet.

Will this start a trend? Do you expect Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp to start their special political packages as well?

Do share your comments right here!


April Fool! This was a prank, in honor of smiles and laughs on April Fool’s Day.

  1. Balaji Rangaraj says

    april fool….

  2. Rachel Gupta says

    I particularly think that the government should ban the use of Facebook in India considering they are coming up with such destructive policies. And once banned the government should not consider of removing the ban no matter how many changes they make. Only then Facebook will know about the power of a Nation. We can’t let facebook determine the fate of Indian election, the way it did for America. Our country is now at a crucial stage of development and we can’t let that hamper at any cost.

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