Jio Prime Bonanza: Free One Year Extension Announced; What Is Jio Juice?

This free extension for a year is not automatic: The users will need to take some action.


Jio Prime Offer Extended

There are millions of Jio Prime users, who were unsure about the validity of their Prime account after March 31st, 2018.

But now, all doubts and apprehensions have been subtly cleared by Jio.

All existing Jio Prime users, who opted in before March 31, 2018, will get a one-year free complimentary extension for their paid membership.

This actually simplifies things, and add a tremendous value addition to the overall Jio story.

Meanwhile, Jio has released a series of teasers, for a new product called Jio Juice.

What is it?

Gift For Jio Prime Users: Free One Year Subscription!

For Rs 99, Jio Prime was launched last year in March, as their first paid plan since their commercial roll out. There were several benefits announced that time, exclusively for Prime users, and all through the year, interesting plans and offers kept on rolling in for Prime Members.

Soon, Prime Membership crossed 50 million in the first month, and by the end of the year, there were 100 million Prime Members. As of now, there are 175 million Prime members, as per company statement.

Telecom Analysts were predicting that Jio may increase their Prime Membership plan, to milk more profits from their existing user base.

However, all such speculations have been put to rest, as Jio once again surprised everyone with a free extension for a year.

Now, this free extension for a year is not automatic: The users will need to take some action.

Here is how existing Prime users can extend their membership for another year, without paying anything:

  • Download MyJio App
  • Confirm that you want the one-year free extension
  • Start enjoying the benefits

This step must have been introduced to weed out inactive users of Prime.

New users, who are becoming Prime members after April 1st, need to pay Rs 99 for the next year, and there are no free benefits.

Jio Juice? What Is It?

Jio has once again proved why they are experts in creating marketing stories, and why their branding approach has been hailed as the best.

They have tweeted about a new product, called Jio Juice, without highlighting what exactly it is.

On the first look, it seems like a new battery or power bank, which has been incorporated with a revolutionary technology for more backup.

Here is the tweet:

What do you think is Jio Juice?

We are waiting for your opinions.

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