Subscribe With Google Makes News Subscriptions Easier; Will Fight Against Fake News!

Google has launched a new Google News Initiative to make online news better, fight fake news and simplify subscriptions.


Subscribe With Google Will Make Subscriptions Easier

Recently big sites like Google and Facebook has been blamed for virality of fake news with no content moderation and a thorough mismanagement. So, to ensure that the news on the internet remains safe, Google has launched a new Google News Initiative to make online news better, fight fake news and simplify subscriptions.

The internet search giant will push $300 million into the News Initiative in the next few years. With a sharp decline in the internet ad revenue, several publishers around the globe have started to monetize their content or have limited the numbers of free articles.

Subscribing Made Simple With Google News Subscription

While people may go online for their daily dose of news, most of them may not go for the monetized content due to the hassles of maintaining different subscriptions. But, it seems Google has worked that out and the search engine will now manage several separate subscriptions in one place.

The company has launched Subscribe with Google, where people can now buy their subscriptions to various online news and magazines. It will manage all the content in one place and have one login for all the paywalled content. The Google Play Newsstand offers a similar functionality, but the content is now going to be shown in the browser instead of a separate app.

The content can now be accessed online, with just the internet browser so long as the reader uses Subscribe with Google.

The Fight Against Fake News

To handle fake news and to minimise the misinformation on the internet, especially during breaking news, Google now has improved their content-moderation techniques to emphasize more authoritative results over the fresh and new content. The new feature is only available in the US for now as more countries will get it in the coming months.

The company will also allow technical markers to assess the published content to assert the credibility of online content. Google will now release the datasets to help machine learning models detect any sort of synthesized or less-reliable content.

News Consumer Insights

The company also launched a News Consumer Insights dashboard just like Google Analytics to help the publishers manage their content, techniques how to improve their content and increase revenue by analyzing and segmenting their audiences.

The internet is the main source of news now. With open access to information, Google is working towards developing high-quality and reliable information. Plus, Google’s DoubleClick ad business will split the revenue with publishers, where the company paid out $12.6 billion to the partners last year.

The fast-loading articles or the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) pages from Google will now expand with a new story format with more images, videos and animation for more engaging content. Google also announced Outline, which will act as an open source tool for the newsrooms to provide their journalists with their own VPNs on private servers for a safer Internet access.

The Google News Initiative is not going to bring any sort of structural changes to the company but will increase the resources available to different teams.

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