Delivery Boy Robs Rs 1.3 Cr from Amazon; SBI Card Used For Rs 9.1 Cr Fraud! [Updated]

When Amazon officials found out about the missing money, Naveen Kumar, senior manager at Amazon lodged an FIR at Basavanahalli police station.


Massive Fraud Committed With SBI Card

Two very interesting cases of fraud have been unearthed, in the last 24 hours.

While the villain of one of the cases is a class 10th dropout, a delivery boy who scammed Rs 1.3 crore from Amazon India; the other case involves an SBI Card, which was used to illegally buy expensive items worth Rs 9.1 crore.

Here is the modus operandi of both the frauds.

Delivery Boy Robs Amazon Of Rs 1.3 Crore!

Darshan alias Dhruva is a 25-year-old delivery boy from Chikkamagaluru city. He is a class 10th dropout and employed by Ekdanta courier company, which is a sub-contractor of Amazon India for delivering orders in the city.

Between September 2017 and February 2018, around 4600+ orders were received from Chikkamagaluru, and each one of these orders was delivered by Darshan.

The problem is, Amazon didn’t receive any of the money for these orders.

Darshan asked his friends to order expensive items from Amazon, such as iPhones, laptops etc, and then delivered them without accepting any payment.

When the police raided his premises, they were surprised to find Rs 25 lakh cash, along with  21 smartphones, a laptop, an iPod and an Apple watch.

When Amazon officials found out about the missing money, Naveen Kumar, senior manager at Amazon lodged an FIR at Basavanahalli police station.

SP K Annamalai said,

“Amazon authorities came to know about this cheating at the time of their quarterly audit, which was conducted in February. They lodged a complaint with us. We have arrested four youths including Darshan. Two accused are absconding,”

It seems that Darshan managed to create a false payment alert, on his tablet which was given by Amazon to accept payments. Hence, the payment alert informed Amazon about payment received via card swipe, but in reality, no payment was transferred.

The exact details of the modus operandi are still unclear here.

The police said,

“We suspect Darshan had tinkered with the tab and cheated the company by generating a false alert every time. To ascertain the modus operandi, we have sent the tab to the forensic lab,”

Only if Darshan had applied his brains to some constructive activity.

SBI Card Used For Rs 9.1 Cr Fraud!

Meanwhile, in a unique incident, an SBI card with a limit of $200 or Rs 13,000 was somehow used to do shopping worth Rs 9.1 crore on UK based websites.

The incident happened in Mumbai.

SBI’s NRI Seawoods branch in Navi Mumbai had issued a Foreign Travel Cards to Sandeep Kumar Raghu Poojary, which had a limit of Rs 13,000.

Now, Yalamanchili Software Exports Ltd was assigned to maintain the technicalities of the prepaid card, and database support resources are provided by MPhasis.

It seems that the prepaid balance of the card was tampered with, and altered using illegal means.

When Chief Operating Officer of Yalamanchili Software Exports Ltd found the difference, he reported the matter to CBI.

The e-commerce portals where the transactions happened are Neteller.Com, Entropay, Swiftvoucher and SKR Shrill.Com.

It seems someone with the technical know-how and an insider partnered with Sandeep to change the prepaid balance of the card.

Under charges of criminal conspiracy, cheating, forgery, and violation of the Information Technology Act, Sandeep has been booked by CBI.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more updates.

Update: March14, 2018; 07:00 PM

Mphasis has reached out to us and given this official statement on this matter:

“Mphasis internal investigation does not reveal any involvement of our employees. We continue to provide all technical support to the bank to help them complete the investigation. Further, we continue our engagement with SBI to deliver the services.”

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