BSNL Kool Will Give Unlimited Data, Calls for Rs 1099; Vodafone Finally Launches VoLTE!

BSNL's Kool plan beats plans from other telcos. Meanwhile, Vodafone have launched their VoLTE services starting from Mumbai, Delhi and Gujarat.


BSNL Kool Offers Unlimited Data & Calling

State-run BSNL has now triggered a unique price battle, with ‘unlimited’ as the new catalyst.

In a surprising move, BSNL is offering unlimited calls and unlimited data for Rs 1099.

How will other telcos respond now?

Meanwhile, Vodafone has finally launched their VoLTE network across Delhi, Mumbai and Gujarat circles. This comes after 17 months of Jio’s VoLTE based services launch in India.

Is VoLTE becoming the default telecom platform now?

BSNL Kool: Users Get Unlimited Data, Voice!

BSNL Kool is a set of pre-paid plans, which promises unlimited data, unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS per day for 84 days, by paying Rs 1099.

Besides, users can also get access to Personalised Ring Back Tone (PRBT) for free.

This means, that BSNL is now offering unlimited everything for just Rs 13 per day.

R.K. Mittal, Director, BSNL Board said,

“We are committed to providing affordable and efficient services to our esteemed customers. BSNL introduced KOOL offer for Rs. 1,099 suitable for all segment of society and empowers family & friend to be in touch,”

The price tag, of course, beats Jio and Airtel in their plans, which are mainly based on 1 to 3 GB per day limit.

However, while both Jio and Airtel and now Vodafone are offering their services in 4G VoLTE platform, BSNL has started their 4G only in Kerala, and it is 3G elsewhere.

BSNL had recently revised their pre-paid plans for 4G speed.

Can BSNL’s new unlimited plans trigger a new wave of a price war among telecom operators? Will Jio and Airtel, Vodafone too launch their unlimited 4G plans?

We will have to wait for some days to get these updates!

Vodafone VoLTE Finally Launched

Finally, Vodafone has launched their much-awaited VoLTE services across New Delhi-NCR; Mumbai and Gujarat (Ahmedabad, Surat) regions.

Earlier, we had speculated that Vodafone may launch their VoLTE services in January 2018.

While Vodafone SuperNet 4G users can straightaway start using these new VoLTE services, other users will need to have a new 4G SIM, along with a 4G smartphone.

In their press release, Vodafone has asked their customers to visit: in order to check whether they can use VoLTE or not.

Besides, Vodafone users with dual SIM smartphones are asked to ensure that their main 4G SIM in slot 1 and network mode has been set as 4G/3G/2G (Auto).

As per reports, in the coming weeks, Vodafone VoLTE would be launched in Kolkata and Karnataka.

As of now, Vodafone has 211 million users in India.

  1. SKR says

    Ok this is not true. 1099 plan is not unlimited it has a stupid FUP of 3gb perday ( As told from BSNL Kerala office) . I loved the previous plan with unlimited data. That was the only plan good enough for a data hungry user. Why would they make that plan worse. 3gb per day gotta fire the guy making these idiotic decisions.
    In summary the 1099 plan is not unlimited like before, it has a choke point of 3gb per day kerala circle users.

  2. Nathuram says

    Nice article I have read all article amazing

  3. sowmya says

    yeh unlimited ha ha
    bsnl speed / coverage is a joke

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