Google Launches #SecurityCheckKiya Initiative On Safer Internet Day!

Google is taking safety very seriously. As more and more Indians are getting online, they need to be educated regarding malware and other online threats.


Google India's #SecurityCheckKiya Initiative

On the eve of Safer Internet Day, which is celebrated today (February 6th), world’s largest search engine and most powerful Internet company: Google has launched #SecurityCheckKiya initiative.

This special initiative has been launched to generate awareness about Internet security, especially for the first time users.

What exactly is #SecurityCheckKiya? We will soon find out.

Google’s Safer Internet Day Initiative

Safer Internet Day’s 2018 theme is “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you”, and Google is pretty serious about this.

To support the theme, they have launched #SecurityCheckKiya which means Have you checked your security yet?

The launch of this noble initiative was announced on their blog post, where Sunita Mohanty, Director, Trust & Safety, Google India said,

“Just like in the physical world where we are asked before stepping out of the house — “Main door lock kiya?”; on interacting with unknown people and accepting gifts from those we don’t trust — “strangers se baat toh nahi kiya?”; it’s now upon us to ask everyone Internet pe #SecurityCheckKiya [Have you done the security check yet?]..”

The initiative by Google seems especially targeted for those newbie Internet users, who are accessing the web for the first time via their mobile phones or desktop and are vulnerable to get trapped into the dangerous world of viruses and malware.

We had recently reported that around 25% of all phones infected by malware have been targeted using porn as the bait.

Three Main Components of #SecurityCheckKiya

Google recommends three main steps to safeguard your Android mobile phone and desktop/laptop for potential security hazards:


  1. Google account users can quickly, within 2 minutes, secure their account by visiting:, wherein they can do a quick security check, and follow Google recommendations for more security.
  2. Google recommends that Android users should only download apps from Google Play Store, and follow to check out safe apps, and the procedure Google follows to protect apps from malicious viruses. Last year, Google removed 700,000 apps which didn’t follow their security and safety guidelines.
  3. Android users can use this link: to locate, lock and track their mobile phones, easily, and seamlessly.

Besides, Google also recommends 2-factor authentication for accessing accounts, and to follow Google’s warnings and alerts regarding any security breach, when they are accessing any website or app.

You can find more about Google’s #SecurityCheckKiya right here.

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  1. Remover says

    Like, Google is a COMPANY, interested in making MONEY – not my Mummy or something?? Why are THEY so concerned about MY safety??!! Please remove this article.

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