Now, Google Movies also arrives in India!


Looks like Google is taking India quite seriously – In last 2 months they have open up Google Play books and Google devices and now yesterday when I updated my Google Play store, yet another tab was visible – That of Google Movies.

Google movies is essentially a movie renting and buying platform, which was till date not available for Indian users, but has now opened up for Indians as well. So, if you visit Google Play store on your PC or Android mobile, here is what you will see.


Google Movies Catalogue & Pricing

Ok, Google Movies does not have Hindi movies as yet, except one. Ek Tha Tiger was the only Hindi movie I saw listed. I’d be surprised if more Hindi movies don’t make show up shortly. The catalogue currently has list of many classics and commercial hits like the Bourne Series, Spiderman, Total Recall and others.

As far as the renting of the movies go, they start from Rs. 80 for SD quality of movies to about Rs. 490 for HD quality movies. While if you need to buy a movie, it starts from about Rs. 120 and goes all the way to Rs. 650 (for newer movies). For example, if you need to watch “Ek Tha Tiger”, you have a rent option for Rs. 100, while you have buying option for Rs. 490.

In my opinion, the prices are on higher side especially for buying. Very few movies are available for buying for less than Rs. 400, making it quite expensive as compared to other options available.


If you rent the movie you can watch it (and re-watch) the movie for 30 days after which it will be unavailable for the user. However, if you you bought the movie, it is yours for life, just like the way it is when you buy a movie DVD.
















Like I have mentioned before, one of the problems that users are going to face, even if they are interested in renting or buying, is the payment option. Apart from credit card, I do not think any option is available. I tried renting a movie and gave my Debit card and it did not accept.

With Android growing fiercely in India, especially with many high-end spec phones now reaching sub INR 10k range, consumption of multimedia content is on the rise. Google obviously understands that and while currently they may not see much traction, they are building foundation for things to come!

Give Google movies a try, and let us know what you feel!

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  1. Abhisshack (@Abhisshack) says

    400+ INR for movies really , who buys movie now a days when you can access The Pirate Bay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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