Nexus 7 32GB arrives on Indian Play Store for Rs. 18999


Google is gradually bringing more devices to India via its Google Play store. Last month they launched Google devices in India with introduction of 16GB Google Nexus 7 priced at Rs. 15,999. Now, Indian users can buy Nexus 7’s popular 32GB variant.

Nexus 7 32 GB India

The interesting thing about this is that if you visit the devices section of Google Play store, it still does not show up the 32GB variant, but only 16GB variant.

[box type=”shadow” ]However, if you visit this link directly, it shows Nexus 7 32GB listed in Indian prices. According to the listing 32GB version will come at a price of Rs. 18,999/- and will be shipped to Indian addresses in 1-2 days time.[/box]

My guess is that although the page is up and running, they have not yet linked it to the Google Play store. What this may mean is also that it is not officially launched as yet. I tried ordering it and I did not have any issues placing the mock order.

The good thing is Indian users can use Debit cards along with the credit cards to make the purchase. Earlier, it was accepting only credit cards.

With opening of debit cards on Google play store, it will now become very easy for everyone as only a few posses credit cards in India, while nearly every urban citizen carries a debit card.

[box type=”shadow” ]Another interesting aspect about this launch is that just couple of weeks back, Google had announced launch of 32GB and 3G variants of Google Nexus 7 through offline retail chains in India. And, now they have launched it on Google Play store as well.[/box]

The biggest question however that everyone is waiting answer for is – When will Google Nexus 4 phone launch in India. In the meantime, you can order it in by following the detailed procedure.


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  1. Bhavesh Savla says

    But in Indian conditions,there is really no point going for only wifi tablets?

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