Media Consumption on Mobile Devices in India [Report, Infographic]


It goes without saying that Mobile Devices have changed the way we consume Media. Just a few years back, Television was our main channel to consume media followed by Newspapers, magazines and Radio. However, with smartphones and tablets on the rise, Indian consumers have quickly shifted their preferences thanks to portability, ease of use, coverage and rich media availability.

InMobi, provider of Mobile advertising solutions recently released a report that gives insights on how mobile devices have changed the way people consume media. According to the report, an average mobile web user in India consumes 6.2 hours of media daily and Mobile devices represent 28% of this time.

Media Consumption Habits

It is interesting to note that media consumption on Tablets, which was nearly non-existent couple of years back accounts for an average of 33 minutes daily, even more than radio (30 minutes) and slightly lesser than Magazines (37 mins).

Consumption of media on PCs and notebooks has also increased to average of 79 minutes daily just 7 minutes lesser than Television (86 minutes). Mobile media consumption is highest with 102 minutes!

What do consumers do on Mobile?

Mobile Media Activities

As far the segregation of media activities go, Social Media and Entertainment (21 percent each) are consumed the most followed by playing games (15 percent). Email comprises of 12 percent media consumption time followed by shopping (9 percent) and local search (8 percent).

According to the report, 80 percent of users notice mobile ads on their smartphones, nearly half of them have seen in-app advertisements. Interestingly, 65 percent of mobile users are as comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV or online advertising.

Shopping & M-Commerce

Shopping through mobiles has also seen significant increase with over 61 percent users having spent money on some or the other activity on mobile. This number is expected to increase to 79 percent in next 12 months.

M-Commerce shopping

37 percent of the people who have spent money on their phones shop for digital goods like app purchases, e-books and videos, while 24 percent have spent money on entertainment activities like buying movie tickets. While travel is the largest e-commerce category on the web (PC, desktop), only 22 percent users make travel related purchases on mobile.

Check out the entire report on inMobi website.

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