Indian Rail Will Launch New Trains Which Will Be Faster Than Shatabdi, Rajdhani!

The new trains will be completely made in India and will have advanced features like WI-Fi and vacuum-based bio-toilets.


Indian Rail Will Debut 2 New Made In India Trains

Indian Rail has finally prepared themselves to embrace the Make in India wave.

As per latest report coming in, Indian Rail will soon launch new Made In India trains, which will be faster than existing Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains.

In fact, these new trains would be able to reduce travel time by up to 20% and would be completely made in India, including the coaches and the engines.

And, if we believe the reports, then the existing Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains could be soon phased out, and replaced by these new trains!

Made in India Trains: Faster Than Rajdhani & Shatabdi!

These new trains would be semi-high speed train, designed by the Chennai-based Integral Coach Factory (ICF).

They have been named as Train 18 and Train 20.

While Train 18 would have 16 fully air-conditioned coaches and would be introduced by Jun 2018; Train 20 would be launched in 2020.

Once fully operational, these two new trains would completely replace existing Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains, whose coaches are right now imported.

Note here, that last year in the month of December, Indian Railways had announced Project Swarn under which existing Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains were supposed to be revamped and modernized.

However now, it seems instead of revamping, all the sets of Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains would be replaced with newer and faster Train 18 and Train 20.

No official confirmation has been received regarding the scrapping of Project Swarn.

What Will These New Trains Have?

First and foremost: Speed.

The new trains which would be 100% manufactured in India will be faster than existing Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains, and will be less expensive as well.

This high speed would be achieved due to faster acceleration and deceleration; and if we take the existing 1440 kms long Delhi-Howrah route, then the new trains would be able to reduce the travel time by 3.35 hours.

While Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains can achieve speed of 150 km/hr; the new trains: Train 18 and Train 20 would be able to achieve speed of 160 km/hr.

Some of the other features which these new trains will have are:

  • Onboard Wi-Fi
  • GPS-based information system
  • Plush interiors with diffused LED lighting
  • Aerodynamic nose for reduced drag & improved aesthetics
  • Continuous window glasses
  • ‘Automatic plug-type’ sliding doors and sliding footsteps
  • Automatic opening and closing of doors at railway stations
  • Zero discharge vacuum-based bio-toilets.

From the looks of it, the trains definitely seems futuristic and modern.

We will keep you updated as we receive more information.

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