Apple Apologises For Slowing Down Older iPhones! Is It Enough?

Apple has purportedly slowed down the older iPhones to compensate for the effects of older batteries.


Apple Apologises For Slowing Down iPhones

Apple has finally admitted to and apologised for slowing down the older iPhone models after they were accused of trying to force users into buying newer iPhone models.

The company recently faced severe backlash over intentionally slowing down the older iPhone models to protect the processor. The company issued an apology yesterday, a gesture, very rare from a company of such repute.

The Cupertino based tech giant has refuted the claims of intentionally degrading the user experience on older models to drive customers to upgrade to newer models.

This Isn’t The First Time

Apple has finally admitted that they have slowed down older iPhones by decreasing the performance level and downclocking the CPU. According to the company, it did so to reduce the strain on the older batteries and stop the iPhones from unexpectedly shutting down.

This came out after years of repeated speculation from the Apple users that their older iPhones were being throttled intentionally in a bid to drive people to upgrade to newer models.

After repeated class action lawsuits in US, Israel and France, for ‘deceptive, immoral and unethical’ slowing down of the smartphone, Apple has finally issued an apology and has promised to be more transparent with customers over the capacity and performance of iPhone batteries in the future.

The ‘Slow Down’ Scandal

In a bid to cover up the damage, Apple is now offering huge discounts on battery replacements. They have promised to notify users when their phones’ performance starts degrading due to an ageing battery.

The company has reiterated their commitment to work hard to overcome the battery and performance problems. Apple has purportedly slowed down the older iPhones to compensate for the effects of older batteries. Smartphones tend to slow down and their batteries degrade as they age. Apple is the first company to admit that they deliberately slow down the older iPhones to increase the phone’s life.

Apple’s Apology

Apple didn’t admit to intentionally slowing down older iPhones to push people to buy the newer models. But they have apologised for the way the company failed to communicate the slowdown to its customers properly. It did say sorry and accepted that many people felt let down by Apple.

Apple announced three measures at the same time to address common customer concerns –

  1. Apple has slashed prices for all the battery replacement. Even the old, out-of-warranty batteries are included in the discounted replacement costs.
  2. They will include a feature which lets the users know about the battery’s health in real-time, in the upcoming iOS update in early 2018
  3. They will continue to work hard on improving the customer experience with a primary focus on improving the battery performance and related issues.

From now on, your iPhone will warn you when your battery starts affecting your device’s performance. Apple will not interfere with the phone’s performance and will let the user decide the further course of action.

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  1. alok kumar says

    Now apple verified that this is not rumor.People can not imagine this kind of ill business practice by company like Apple.Mahindra and Mahindra owner Mr. Anand Mahinra was also twit about this issue.
    Thanks Vishal for this post.

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