Jio Leads The Market In 4G Download Speed!; Vodafone Beats Airtel In Avg 4G Speed!

The surprising aspect is the drastic improvement showcased by Vodafone and Idea, as is the stunning deterioration by Airtel in providing 4G speeds.


Jio Leads in 4G Speeds

After a mysterious gap of a month, TRAI’s MySpeed data for Internet speed provided by telecom operators is out, and the results are more or less predictable.

Reliance Jio has once again topped the charts, beating their nearest rival by a 2X margin.

The surprising aspect is the drastic improvement showcased by Vodafone and Idea, as is the stunning deterioration by Airtel in providing 4G speed, across India.

Both Vodafone and Idea has beaten Airtel in 4G download speed, and this can’t get worse for Airtel. What exactly is the reason for Airtel’s downfall?

And will Jio be able to maintain their tremendous lead?

TRAI Data: Jio Is Again #1 In 4G Speed!

As per TRAI’s MySpeed app’s latest data for tracking 4G internet speed, Jio is #1 among all telecom operators.

If we believe the data provided in the app, then Jio has clocked a mindblowing speed of 19.3 Mbps for the month of November, when it comes to download speed in 4G connection.

Their nearest rival is Vodafone, which has managed to give a speed of 9.1 Mbps, which is almost half of what Jio is offering.

Idea clocked 8.8 Mbps, while Airtel is at last position, with a speed of 8.6 Mbps.

The surprises don’t end here.

In the Upload speed parameter, Idea is at #1 position with an average 4G speed of 6.4 Mbps, while Vodafone is at #2 position with a speed of 5.8 Mbps. Jio is at #3 with 4.3 Mbps and Airtel is again at last, with 4 Mbps average speed.

In terms of coverage, Jio has been rated with “Good Experience” with signal of -88.63 dBm; whereas Airtel has been rated as “Average” with signal of -92.93 dBm.

If we talk about monthly trend, then Jio is way up the ladder, with predictions of more than 22 Mbps average speed.

3G Speed: Vodafone Rules The Chart

In the 3G domain, it is Vodafone which is calling the shots. With an average download speed of 3.5 Mbps, Vodafone is at #1 position, beating Airtel (again), which managed to clock 2.9 Mbps speed.

Idea is at #3 rank, with 2.5 Mbps speed, while Aircel is at #4 with 1.8 Mbps speed.

BSNL has scrambled for a lowly #5 position, with average download speed of 1.7 Mbps.

For 3G upload speed, again Vodafone is at #1 rank with an average speed of 1.7 Mbps, followed by Idea at #2, Airtel at #3 and Aircel at #4. BSNL is again last at #5.

But, questions have been raised again and again regarding the reliability of TRAI’s MySpeed app results.

Considering that TRAI relies on crowdsourced data points, that too from 1-5 million users who are using TRAI’s MySpeed app to calculate average speed, some analysts have questioned the preciseness of this ranking.

There are more than a billion telecom users in India, and a sample size of just 1-5 million represents very low numbers.

Nonetheless, it surely gives us a idea, if not the entire picture of the current state of mobile Internet speed in India.

Is your mobile Internet experience matching up with TRAI’s data? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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