Supreme Court Questions Govt’s Compulsion For Aadhaar-SIM Linking

While Aadhaar can be made a single-most comprehensive ID, this latest salvo from the Supreme Court is a step back for Aadhaar.


Aadhaar-SIM Linking Compulsion

Both legal and political complications related with Govt.’s aggressive Aadhaar push is getting more complex, as litigation and cases have been filed in the Supreme Court.

After Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee openly defied Centre’s Aadhaar push, and declared that she won’t comply with the rules, Supreme Court has asked Govt. to explain why Aadhaar is required to link with mobile numbers.

Meanwhile, a Senior BJP Rajya Sabha MP has said that Aadhaar is a threat to national security.

How far will the Aadhaar push go now?

Supreme Court To Govt.: Explain Why Aadhaar Is Needed?

Supreme Court has scolded West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee for openly defying Centre’s order regarding mandatory linking of Aadhaar with mobile phones.

Supreme Court has said that Ms. Banerjee should approach the Court as a Citizen, rather than the CM of a State.

The Bench said,

“In a federal structure, how can a state file a plea challenging parliament’s mandate.  We know it is a matter that needs consideration but you satisfy us how a state can challenge it.”

However, at the same time, Supreme Court has questioned Centre regarding the logic behind Aadhaar push, and have gave them 4-weeks to explain why mandatory linking of Aadhaar with all mobile phones is required as of now.

Earlier, All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) had requested Govt. to postpone their plans of mandatory linking all bank accounts with Aadhaar before December 31st, 2017.

As per the association, the banks doesn’t have the bandwidth or the resources required to link every bank account in India with Aadhaar, in such a short time,

AIBOC General Secretary D T Franco said,

“We also demand that the government should look for alternatives or add more workforce into banks to implement Aadhaar related works in the public sector banks,”

Is Aadhaar A Threat To National Security?

Meanwhile famed BJP leader, and Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy said that Aadhaar is a grave national security, and expressed hope that Supreme Court will ‘strike it down’.

He Tweeted:

This is indeed shocking, because if a leader like Mamata Banerjee protests against Aadhaar, then it is quite obvious, because she belongs to the opposition.

But a serious accusation against Aadhar from a senior BJP leader like Subramanian Swamy means that public anger against the compulsory push for Aadhaar is rising, and even BJP supporters are now going against the leadership.

After a bunch of petitions have been filed against Aadhaar in Supreme Court, it has been decided that the cases would be heard in the last week of November.

This was announced by Chief Justice Dipak Misra along with Justices A M Khanwilkar and D Y Chandrachud.

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  1. SuchindranathAiyerS says

    Nilekani sold Aadhar to Khangress. Like all failed Khangress policies beginning with the Constitution Modi Sarkar championed it as it appealed to its High-Tech Saffron aspirations. It then began to find a justification (use) for it.

    If direct credit of benefits is the issue, Unique Bank Accounts were needed. If ID is an issue, Voter’s ID would have sufficed. They do not work? Why? Corruption and incompetence. Modi Sarkar refuses to address this issue in order to pamper the Seventh Pay Commission beneficiaries whom it continues to depend on and who really own and operate the Indian State. Like the Khangress.

    Modi Sarkar has, deliberately built a fear psychosis to herd citizens to give up their privacy and take an ID card by all means, including contempt of the Supreme Court by circumventing it’s stay.

  2. Arun says

    We need Aadhaar kind of unique number system avoid fake, Aadhaar system should be secured enough to stop cyber threats. Data which UIDAI has collected must not be misused by govt officials, Crores of people data is there in UIDAI database which is very precious for Govt. Linking to sim card is good idea to take of the anti national elements of country and also this will avoid eve teasing kind of things also.

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