Andhra Pradesh Launches India’s 1st ID Proof-Based Medicine Sale Process!

There is a disturbingly high number of fake doctors practicing medicine without a valid degree or license.


Id Proof-Based Medicine Sale

Andhra Pradesh has set a new benchmark and standard for all states in India, as they have decided to fully regulate the sale of medicines in the state.

In a first of it’s type initiative, all medicines to be sold in the state of Andhra Pradesh would be linked with an ID Card, and that means, if a person has no ID card, then that person can no longer buy medicines.

Will this stop the practices of fake doctors?

Andhra Pradesh’s Digital Push: ID Based Medicine Purchase!

Andhra Pradesh has launched India’s first ‘The Comprehensive Drug Monitoring System’ (CDMS), which aims to regulate the sale of medicines in the state, and stop the practices of fake doctors and fake prescriptions.

There are around 60,000 fake doctors who are not authorized to treat patients, and this new Digital-based initiative is seen as a major step towards that.

A budget of Rs 1.2 crore has already been sanctioned to make the process even more fine and smooth.

Sale of unauthorized medicines is already a big issue, as it gives rise to addiction.

In July this year, we had reported that Govt. of India is trying to regulate entire pharmaceutical industry, and a comprehensive system is being designed, wherein any unauthorized dealer or retailer cannot even sell a single tablet without monitoring.

Now, Andhra Pradesh has actually implemented one such system, which may become the benchmark for other states as well.

How It Will Work?

First of all, the Comprehensive Drug Monitoring System will enroll and enlist every one of the 64,000 registered doctors and almost same number of registered chemists in the state.

When a patient arrives at the doctor, the diagnosis and the prescription would be digitally signed, and updated on the CDMS app.

The patient on the other hand, would be provided with a OTP, which needs to be mentioned and shown while buying the medicine, as prescribed by the doctor.

In case the patient doesn’t have a mobile phone, his or her Aadhaar card can be used for verifying the identity of the patient.

Now, the CDMS would be populated with the database of Smart Pulse Survey, which has details of all 4.8 crore people in the state.

Hence, the prescribed medicine can be only bought if the patient has the valid ID, and most probably, Aadhaar would become the defacto ID because Aadhaar is linked with all other schemes as well.

But note here, that requirement of Aadhaar is not mandatory, and any ID can be used to purchase medicines.

In tribal areas and deep rural hinterland, where Internet connectivity is low, this new rule will be exempted; but details of ID including Aadhaar would be mandatory.

There are several major advantages of this new digital push by Andhra Govt; the primary being data. Now, the State Govt. will have updated heath data of every citizen, and based on this information, the Govt. can take important steps and decisions.

Do you think this Digital push to regulate sale of medicines in Andhra Pradesh will benefit the common man? Do share your opinions by commenting right here!

  1. mani says

    this is f’ing idiotic tdp is diverting people with this types of decssions

  2. Arun says

    Nice one but data must not be misused thats the major thing.

  3. Sree says

    What if there is a representative of the patient who will purchase medicine on patient’s behalf? Not all patients are in a position to buy medicines for themselves.

  4. Mud says

    …and what happens to medicine buying ON THE INTERNET?? I thought THAT was the future in the first place….? Physical pharmacies are not supposed to *exist*, let alone have various rules n regulations surrounding them…..

  5. Manprit says

    I don’t agree. Our systems are not so efficient that such things work here. It will create a chaous situation where in in case of emergency no medicine will be available. So some more options should be open and flexibility must be there.
    Same case was done with the public Distribution system and people did not get ration for days as the internet was not working and could not access the Aadhar info. India is still a very very poor country in terms of digitising it’s villages and small areas. Where majority of the People live. So first get things in place before such policies are made. This opposite Trent has become the norm in India causing lots of difficulty to the normal poor people.

  6. Chandrashekhar Rao says

    Great. So now Chandrababu will know that you have that vaginal yeast infection. Tsk Tsk.

    1. Mud says

      Bro, your name is “Chandrashekhar” and you have a vagina, LOL?! :)

      Seriously though, I echo your point – EXACTLY my worry as well.

      1. Kareem says

        Knowing is not the problem. Major pharma companies would start lobbying to promote their medicine. I am worried about a mafia to loot common man.

        Possible benefit I look in this is, may be govt can come up with scheme to give free/reduce cost of medicine which is in high use by citizens.

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