5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Has Made Its Way Into Our Lives

Today AI is prevalent in a wide range of our daily routine, in ways we might not even be aware!



Artificial Intelligence In Daily Life

Artificial intelligence a.k.a. intelligence presented by devices and machines has gradually, but increasingly, seeped its way into our lives. While AI was mostly a topic of research for several years, it is now progressively establishing its presence in the commercial realm too. Despite the myriad of arguments against it, the technology is now being used to develop autonomous cars because AI has made it feasible to acquire superhuman degrees of insight and intelligence.

In fact, companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, are also using AI; from your social media news feed to the voice recognition on your phone, artificial intelligence is being put to good use by a large number of companies worldwide.

There is no denying that today AI is prevalent in a wide range of human beings’ daily routines: from arranging the photographs taken on your phone to shopping online to home automation systems. And it is so because this technology is not only more effective but generally is better equipped to deal with issues in novel and creative ways that depart from the traditional standards developed and established by society and experts.

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, we’ll see these machines aid human beings with even more complex real-world problems that mankind struggles with. While that’s in the future, here is a list of some of its current applications to understand just how big a role AI currently plays in our lives:



AI has provided the world with modern ways of fighting numerous threats. It has also become increasingly instrumental in detecting fraud, discovering inconsistency in financial transactions, monitoring trading patterns, etc. In fact, AI software also contributes to regulation of what internet users put up for sale (black market items) and uncovering illegal transactions.

Online Shopping

With numerous retail stores going digital over the past few years, online shopping has become an important aspect of peoples’ lives and businesses worldwide. Considering that, several websites already employ AI in certain aspects like recommendations. In fact, personalized experience in the digital retail industry is being pursued feverishly since features such as personalized search results, product recommendations, and offers have the potential to completely change the face of the industry.

Virtual Personal Assistants

Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana are prime examples of digital personal assistants that help their respective users find information, share directions, update calendars, send messages, set alarms, schedule appointments and a myriad of other things. With that being said, these virtual assistants still have a long way to go in many other aspects of offering ‘assistance’.

Customer Service

The fact that many websites today, especially those that involve transactions, offer customers the ability to chat with a representative on the site itself is a common phenomenon. Interestingly, what some people may not know is that these ‘representatives’ are not always human; instead they are chat bots conditioned to answer customers’ queries by extracting required information from the website. However, we are on the next step in the realm of AI and customer service. Among the most impressive examples is Cogito, an artificial intelligence solution developed by a US-based company of the same name. It uses behavioral science and machine learning to analyze human voice and provide real-time guidance to improve interactions with customers.

Online Media Streaming Services

Perhaps one of the most popular example of AI’s sheer potency is Netflix. The digital media streaming service uses a predictive technology with an extremely high rate of accuracy that is based on users’ prior choices of content and reactions to content. Furthermore, the company uses AI algorithms to survey each frame of a video and compress it to the requisite degree without degenerating the image quality. This new method serves a dual purpose: improve streaming quality over slower internet speeds and adapt content for different devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

These are only a handful of examples that demonstrate not only how pervasive AI has become in practically all aspects of human existence but also the potential it holds to dramatically change our lives. Thus, it may be safe to assume that the evolution of artificial technology and consequently its many applications present the potential to improve human lives and all its different aspects in currently unimaginable ways.

About the Author: This article is contributed by Naresh Nanda – Founder at Masterline Telebiz.

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