Airtel Counters Jio, BSNL With 4GB Daily Data Plan For Just Rs. 999/-

The new plan from Airtel seeks to best comparable plans from competitors



Airtel Offering 4GB Per Day

Rather than Jio impact, we would like to describe it as the BSNL impact.

After 1 GB per day plans became too mainstream, it is 4GB per day plans which are ruling the charts now.

And Airtel, India’s largest telecom provider has just decided to jump onto the bandwagon.

It has just announced a new Rs 999 plan, which provides users 112 GB for 28 days, which translates into 4GB per day, along with unlimited voice calls.

In a way, as per the price value of the plan, this plan also directly competes with Jio’s Rs 999 plan. However, for Rs 999, Jio is offering 90 GB data for 90 days, along with unlimited voice calling. Hence, this is an enhanced version of 1GB per day.

Per GB cost for Airtel’s users under this plan shall be Rs 8.9, which is a bit expensive, if we compare with other providers.

Airtel Showering GBs To Fight Jio?

Note here, that this new Rs 999 plan is only for selected customers. As per retailers, users are requested to download MyAirtel app, and then checkout the plans visible in the app.

If Rs 999 plan is visible, then, the plan is being offered to your number.

Besides, Rs 999 plan, Rs. 349, Rs. 399, Rs. 499, and Rs. 799 plans are already existing, which haven’t been changed much.

Airtel Latest 4G Data Plans

1. Airtel Rs 349 Plan

1 GB per day, unlimited voice calls for 28 days

2. Airtel Rs 399 Plan

1 GB per day, unlimited voice calls for 28 days (only for 4G handsets; 1.5 GB per month for non-4G handsets)

3. Airtel Rs 499 Plan

1.5 GB per day, unlimited voice calling for 28 days

4. Airtel Rs 549 Plan

2 GB per day, unlimited voice calling for 28 days

5. Airtel Rs 799 Plan

3 GB per day, unlimited voice calling for 28 days

Besides these, Airtel has just announced ‘Bonus 30GB’ offer for new postpaid users, who can now get 10 GB per month for 3 months; besides a free SIM Card.

4GB Per Day Is The New Norm?

The 4GB per day Internet plan was basically introduced by BSNL, when they launched the Chauka-444 plan in June this year.

This plan was described as the highest per day data offer by any telecom company.

Under this, BSNL users received 4GB data per day, for 90 days. But as BSNL still doesn’t have 4G, this plan was only for 3G or 2G usage. Per GB data price was brought down to Rs 1.23 by BSNL here.

Interestingly, BSNL has already introduced 5GB per day plan now, for Rs 548 and 90 days duration.

Will 4GB per day work for Airtel? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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  1. shShashikant says

    The new plan is only for 28 days what’s the use customers lose money by not using that much data on mobile. If I popup extra data plan its cheaper than Airtel new plan.

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