Jio Threat? Now Vodafone Too Offering Bundled Feature Phone!

Vodafone will even offer cashback like Jio does


Vodafone Launching 4G Phone

In a latest move by Vodafone, which was quite unexpected to say the least, Lava feature phones users can now get 100% cashback.

This new bundled offer concerning Lava and Vodafone is quite interesting for several factors – free handset is just one of them.

Are we witnessing an era of bundled handsets? Has Jio changed the entire spectrum of telecom industry for ever?

Almost 100% Cashback For Lava-Vodafone Users!

The offer is pretty simple, and straight forward: You buy one of the designated Lava feature phone which is covered under this offer, and then you get cashback of Rs 50 till 18 months, with a minimum recharge of Rs 100 in a calendar year.

Hence, Rs 900 cashback in a span of 18 months.

Here are the Lava feature phones which are eligible: ARC 101, ARC 105, ARC One Plus, KKT 9s, KKT Pearl, KKT 34 Power, KKT 40 Power+, Captain K1+, and Captain N1.

Now, for instance, a customer buys Captain N1, which costs Rs 829 right now.

He can get complete cashback in 18 months.

However, some of the feature phones eligible in this offer cost more than Rs 900 as well.

Gaurav Nigam, ?Senior VP, Head of Product, Lava International said, “Our partnership with Vodafone will provide our customers a cash back amount which is equivalent to the cost of our highest selling feature phone Captain N1.”

This offer is valid till October 31st, and has been programmed for the festive season.

The offer is valid for those Vodafone users, who are planning to buy a new Lava feature phone, and also those existing Lava feature phone users, who are about to get a new Vodafone SIM card.

The Era Of Bundled Handsets Is Here?

Reliance Jio, the disruptor of Indian telecom industry introduced this bundled handset logic into mainstream telecom plans, with the introduction of effectively free Jio Phone.

Airtel soon joined the bandwagon, and declared the launch of their new Airtel Phone, which are not subsidized per se, but comes bundled with exciting offers from smartphone manufacturers.

Yesterday, BSNL too jumped into this new concept, and have declared the launch of co-branded handsets with unlimited calling.

While Jio Phone, (effectively free) is costing Rs 1500 Airtel phone will cost somewhere around Rs 2500 and BSNL is pitching for Rs 2000 range of co-branded handsets. And now, Vodafone has launched Rs 900 cashback for feature phones.

We can also observe the subtle positioning done by the telcos: Jio and Airtel are clearly targeting new Internet users, who want to make a jump from feature to VoLTE; BSNL is targeting those who are using voice heavily, while Vodafone is targeting only feature phone users.

Targeted audience are different, but the price point is almost the same.

What is next in the bundled handset concept now?

We will keep you updated.

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