Uber Introduces Uber For Business 2.0; More Power To Organisations

Business Program Rebooted With a Host of New Updates


Uber For Business

Uber launched its business program, ‘Uber for Business’ almost three years back, and now has rebooted it with a host of updates. For those of who are not aware, Uber for Business allows organisations to hire Uber cabs for its employees when needed; pretty much like the model that is followed by most IT companies in India.

There might not have been an update for this app unless the companies had actually demanded for it. Until now, there was monthly billing and the employees could request an Uber ride after work, and bill it to the company whenever they wanted.

The new model has been designed keeping in mind the fact that organisations want more accountability from its employees. After all, there are always a handful that try to game the system and bill their cab expenses even though they’re not following the guidelines set by their employer.

“With the new Uber for Business, every member of the organization – travel managers, finance personnel, HR, and executive leadership – can deliver solutions that improve the business, whether it’s through cost savings, employee productivity or scaling the business,” said Uber in a blog post.

What’s New In This Update?

As mentioned previously, companies will now have more control over what rides their employees can take and bill to their employer. Here are the features Uber for Business now offers;

  • Set-and-forget Travel Programs: New tools allow managers to set up automated programs for commuting, business travel, and any other mobility needs. Employers can set up a “late night rides” policy that only works for trips taken between work and home after 9PM. There is also a limit that can be set by the employer so that anything over that has to be borne by the employee.
  • New Tools for Customizing Uber Travel: Companies can set rules for employees, customers, and clients around specific criteria. These include; the type of car that they can use, how much they can spend, the time of day that the trip must take place, and the location from which a trip needs to begin or end.
  • Different Access for Different Groups: Businesses can provide customized levels of Uber access depending on each person’s needs. They can now allow a specific amount to the employees. E.g. Rs. 1,000/- can be allotted for everyday ride.

Uber for Business dashboard also gets new interface so that it is easier for employers to keep a track of expenses. The managers can also request rides for their employees, and this allows the dashboard to be more transparent.

Overall, more power has been now given to the organisations so that their travel policies are not defaulted and employees remain more adhering. Ultimately this leads to lower expenses and losses.

For organisations in India, this can be extremely helpful considering the late night stays and frequent business travels. Since everything is going to be in one place, the employers can also keep an eye on daily expenses and make sure that employees do not breach the limits.

However, employees will have to face a little trouble in getting used to this more restricted routine, from one of a leisure, which might cause a little uproar when implemented.

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